Your task is simple. All you have to do is observe the given illusion and determine which object you saw first. The object you see first will reveal your attitude toward love.

If you saw the two trees on the edge of the illusion first, then you are someone who thrives on companionship and enjoys looking for solutions and solving problems with your significant other.

However, you are someone who battles with trust issues in a relationship. It is most likely that you will take your sweet time in fully trusting your partner. This is probably the reason why you hate to rush things in a love connection.

Your approach to love and relationships is easygoing and gradual. Take your time and connect with your lover. It is advised that you try to be open and vulnerable with them.

The Dancing Couple

If your eyes first caught the sight of the dancing couple then you are someone who sees love as an equal partnership that thrives even as the two partners are vastly different personalities.

Noticing the dancing couple first likely indicates that you are in a healthy relationship currently or are certain about the kind of person you need. Being in the presence of your partner makes you feel elated and it could also mean that in a relationship you are the type of person who thinks nothing is more important than your partner.

Man With A Moustache

If you first notice the man’s face with a moustache, then it could very well mean that you are at a crossroads with regard to your love life. It could also indicate that you are recovering from the emotional damage you suffered at the hands of a previous partner.

At this point, you may very well be of the impression that living alone is simpler and would land you in less trouble than having a toxic partner. Though if you hate your current status, then do not worry because seeing the man with the moustache means that this is a temporary situation.

It is time that you start releasing all the things that are causing you pain. For your own peace, try embracing things that bring you joy.

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