A family dog survived an attack by a wild mountain lion, an incident was captured in shocking video footage — now the family has a warning for fellow dog owners.

This month, couple Steve and Nicole were watching television at their home in La Verne, California when they heard an unexpected noise from their backyard.Initially, they thought it was just the TV, but then realized it was coming from their dog, Holly Jolly — and realized there was something serious happening outside.

According to KTLA, they heard shrill, guttural noises and ran outside to investigate. They discovered their dog was in a ferocious battle with a wild mountain lion who had snuck into the yard.

Their altercation was captured on a Ring security camera (caution: the footage may be too upsetting for some viewers), and shows the three-year-old giant black schnauzer trying to escape from the cougar’s jaws.

When the owners checked the scene, it startled the wild animal, giving Holly Jolly just enough time to break free.

“As soon as I heard how fierce the battle was, I was like there’s no way,” Steve told KTLA. “I was imagining like a skunk or something back here that she was just messing with, so then I went in and grabbed a gun.”

But by then the mountain lion had retreated, though it reportedly returned 20 minutes later. Thankfully, Holly survived the incident: veterinarians treated her for puncture wounds and she required some stitches, but otherwise she is recovering in good health.

“She’s enjoying all the extra love, all the extra treats, all the extra attention,” Nicole told KTLA. “She’s loving it right now.”

The La Verne area, outside of Los Angeles, is home to wildlife including bears, coyotes and mountain lions. The incident was a reminder that our household pets can sometimes be a target for wild predators — and Steve and Nicole are urging their neighbors to be prepared.

“We wanted to let all of our neighbors know that this thing is out and bold enough to jump in yards and attack a dog almost the same size,” Steve said.

Experts say that if you do encounter a mountain lion, you can raise your arms over your head and make noise to intimidate it. Avoid running, staring at the cougar in the eyes and getting in between a mother and her cubs.

And you can keep an eye on your pets: Steve told KTLA that he plans to accompany Holly Jolly in the backyard at night for now on.

We’re so glad Holly is safe after this terrifying run-in with a wild mountain lion — it’s important to keep your pets safe when there are wild animals on the prowl nearby.

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