little person who claims to be “the world’s smallest stripper” is being attacked online for dating a teenager who is 13 years younger and twice her height.

Cassee, 32, revealed that she’s been slammed with hateful comments on her social media for being in a relationship with 19-year-old Blake, an average height man who held his tiny dancer a little too close.

Keep reading to learn why trolls are flooding Cassee’s social media with hate!

Minnesota-born Cassee, known online as Sassee Cassee, was born with cartilage hair hypoplasia, a bone growth disorder characterized by short stature and other skeletal abnormalities.

Standing at 2-foot-10, Cassee is a powerhouse and makes a living as an exotic dancer, additionally leveraging her size to attract fans on her popular OnlyFans account, where she has 254,000 followers.

She writes in her introduction, “You can do a lot by doing little. If you like [little people], then you’ll love me.”

In the summer of 2021, the woman started dating Blake, a 19-year-old almost twice her height, whom she met on Facebook Dating.

Speaking with Truly in a video interview, Cassee explained that her much younger man doesn’t judge her height or her career, which he learned of immediately after they first connected on the dating site.

“I told him, ‘I’m the world’s smallest stripper,’ and Blake’s like, ‘Oh cool. That’s fun,’” Cassee said. “Blake doesn’t seem to care. He’s like, ‘I care about you for you.’”

Further explaining that Blake isn’t satisfying a little people fetish, Cassee said, “People that are attracted to little people can just be attracted to them because they find them beautiful. They like their personality.”

“I looked at her like a normal person you’d see on the streets,” said Blake, the 5-foot-7 man who joined Cassee in the Truly interview.

While the couple are happy and look beyond any shortcomings, the two are frequently blasted by trolls online.

“OMG is Blake dating a mt?” writes one netizen.

“And what does he see in her?” shares a second, while a third writes, “The kid’s obviously got problems. Couldn’t you find a normal woman?”

The majority of online citizens appear to be more concerned with their age difference.

“19 is VERY young. He was in high school a year ago. Flip the script … if SHE was 19 and HE was 32 people would be outraged,” shares one. A second chimes in with “The height is not the concerning part at all…it’s the fact that she’s 32 yrs old and dating a nineTEEN yr old. Creepy.”

“A third writes, Women who have age gap relationships are judged too much. Men do it all the time!”

Some cyber users jumped in, defending Cassee and her relationship with the young man.

A friend writes, “Cassee is one of the most sweetest people you will ever meet. She is so friendly and open to people and she deserves to be happy. They are great together and age or height shouldn’t matter at all.” The comment continues, “People are very ignorant when commenting about her height in a disfavor-able way it’s sickening we are all made to be different so we can learn from one another some of these people need to re-educate themselves.”

Championing the pair, another writes, “I love you so much Cassee! This makes my heart so happy! Beautiful couple, beautiful relationship!! Wishing you all the happiness in the world!!”

Blake, who says he isn’t bothered by the cruel online comments, insists that “age is just a number.”

Gushing over his girlfriend, Blake shares, “She’s a kind-hearted person and I love her very much and she makes me happy. She smiles. We laugh together. I’m trying to find a relationship and settle down. I’m not trying to play around.”

Despite the many objections to their relationship, the two moved in together and are growing their lives with joint investments and a car.

Cassee warns trolls, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”


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