When singer Shakira broke up with her footballer boyfriend Gerard Piqué, it made headlines all over the world. She had allegedly caught him having an affair in a very unexpected way.

Now, it seems like Shakira has found another love for herself.

Shakira has been spotted around with a new man and people are raising eyebrows on what this new involvement could mean. She was seen with Lucien Laviscount, the actor who played her love interest in her new music video for “Puntería.”

If you think he looks familiar, then it is because he is! The 31-year-old actor appeared in the hit show Emily in Paris. He is British and plays Alfred ‘Alfie’ Peterson on the show.


On Tuesday night, she was spotted with Lucien in New York City, out to dinner. The dinner was after a surprise performance the singer gave in Times Square. The couple was spotted enjoying their meal at Carbone afterward.

While there were no signs of PDA, it seems that they got into the same SUV after the meal. Since they were leaving together in the same vehicle, this seemed to have kicked the rumor mill into action.

While it might be possible that the two of them were together because they worked together on the singer’s music video, the extra time they spend together seems to be outside the norm and has people raising eyebrows.


Many people assume that life might be imitating art and that the couple might have taken their on-screen relationship into real life. However, there is no confirmation that this is happening!

The couple looks really great together. Shakira broke up with her boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, in the summer of 2022. The couple shares two children together, Milan and Sasha. In the time since her breakup, the singer has been linked to some famous men, including Tom Cruise, Jimmy Butler, and Lewis Hamilton. However, the singer has never confirmed any relationship since her breakup.


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