Sasha, a Georgian youth, sang an emotionally charged cover of “All by Myself” on a recent edition of The Voice Kids.

Not only did the performance wow the judges and studio audience, but it has also gone viral online, with millions of views.

Alexandre, whose real name is Sasha, auditioned for the fifth season of the competition blind. Even without any visual aids, the judges were captivated by his voice. It was obvious this audition would be extraordinary the second he started singing.

The judges’ reactions to the young talent’s performance were immediate and profound. Every single judge felt an overwhelming need to press their giant red button, signifying their acceptance and willingness to guide him, in the span of a few seconds.

They turned around to find 12-year-old Sasha, whose charismatic personality was just as impressive as his remarkable singing talent.

The most impressive part of Sasha’s audition was when he reached a high note that made one judge stand up and shout, “Wow!” As if to contain the overwhelming emotion and natural skill coming from the young vocalist, another judge covered her lips.