Sofia Bogdanova: A Prodigy on Rollerblades

Young Russian Sofia Bogdanova amazed audiences with her precise and intricate rollerblading routine at the Slalom open competition in Shanghai in 2017. Dressed in a dark blue mini-dress, Sofia glided effortlessly through the cones, executing much of her routine on her toes with balletic grace.

Her exceptional performance not only won her the competition that year but also secured her victory the following year. Born on August 6, 2005, in Moscow, Russia, Sofia’s journey into skating began with ice-skating lessons at the age of four, which eventually led to her passion for roller skating.

Despite her natural talent, Sofia’s success did not come without hard work. She dedicates five days a week to practice, a significant commitment for someone her age. This dedication meant sacrificing many typical childhood activities, but it’s clear that her efforts have paid off in her remarkable achievements.

Watch the video below to witness Sofia Bogdanova’s stunning rollerblading performance.