We would love to be able to save every dog, but it is simply not possible. Janine Guido encountered this when she met Watson, a dog. As the creator of Speranza Animal Rescue, she is responsible for a large number of animals.

A college student discovered Watson, a homeless pit bull, alone in a Philadelphia park. After spotting the dog, the student brought him to an emergency veterinarian because the puppy was malnourished and had wounds all over his body. Watson was desperate, the veterinarian told the students. His cancer is spreading, and his time is running out.




Watson walked from the veterinarian’s office to the animal shelter. Watson could stay at the shelter as comfortably as possible, according to the staff.

“I had a gut feeling that the next day was not going to be good,” Guido told Dodo. “I don’t want to abandon him.” Not when he most needs me.”




She tried to console him by gathering blankets and dog beds and holding him. She stayed up all night with Watson, holding him while he slept.

“He slept like a rock all night, snuggling close to me,” Guido reported. “I fell asleep and woke up crying.”




Watson began circling the next morning and stopped eating and drinking. Guido was aware that he was dying. Throughout this trying time, she remained by his side.


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