Are you up for a little IQ challenge? Dive into this exclusive Diwali-themed optical illusion puzzle to test the sharpness of your observation skills. This intriguing test will put your perception and your knack for spotting even the tiniest details to the test, validating your above-average intelligence.

For those new to these tests, optical illusions are captivating images that can play tricks on your visual perception, making you see objects in ways different from their true form. These visual enigmas can conjure up non-existent elements or make you overlook details you would usually catch.

Try out this optical illusion and test your IQ levels!

Find The Hidden Candle

In this test, your goal is to carefully study the optical illusion and find the candle hidden within a sea of Diwali decorative items inside a desi shop. Discovering the concealed candle is a challenge that might be accomplished by individuals with exceptionally high IQ levels.

Set your timer to nine seconds. Your job is to reveal the hidden candle in the optical illusion within this time limit.


If you can’t find the hidden candle, don’t fret; you’re not alone. To help you out in this test, here’s a tip: focus your attention on the items laid on the floor of the shop. Among the various Diwali favourites is the white candle hidden on a golden plate.

And if, even with the hint, you still can’t see the hidden candle, here’s a close-up view of the image. Take a look:

Optical Illusion Diwali Special Find The Hidden Candle


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