Have you been incessantly wondering what it is that your personality says about you? If so, then this optical illusion can help you know what your weirdest personality traits are that people might end up noticing about you.

What Do You See?

Your task is simple. All you have to do in order to know more about yourself is observe the optical illusion image before you and figure out what object you see first.

What It Means

Man’s Face

If you noticed the man’s face first, it likely means that you like to say what you think without waiting for someone to ask. Sometimes, this can make you seem unusual or not so charming in social situations.

You want to assist others with what you know and have been through. But sometimes, this can be overwhelming for people and make them feel like you don’t respect their opinions. It might help you to be more interested in others and their stories. Instead of telling them what to do, try asking more questions and listening to them.

People On The Side Of The Train

If you looked at the folks next to the train first, it means you’re really curious about others, even when it’s not polite. You want to know all about their private happenings, but you forget that you cannot unless they want to tell you.

Sometimes gossip might feel fun, but too much can get you into trouble. People will trust you more if you focus on your own matters instead.


If the train caught your eye first, it could mean you’re not very good at being sensitive in social situations. Some rules might seem unimportant, but others do matter.

If you say what you think without considering how others might feel or if you keep talking over others, you may have a hard time making friends. It’s important to follow certain etiquette that shows you care about how others feel and think.

Woman And Two Figures Standing In The Front

You are someone who is truly open about your life, whether it’s with friends or people you don’t know well.

However, keep in mind that talking too much about your personal business too soon into a relationship can make things awkward. While some might like your honesty, others might find it strange and uncomfortable. They might even feel pressured to share something about themselves

Two Seated Figures In White

If you notice two people sitting down first, it might mean you’re uncomfortable talking in social situations. When you’re in meetings or hanging out with others, you like to be quiet unless there’s something important you want to say. You don’t like meaningless chit-chat, even though it’s a way to build a connection that might help you talk about more meaningful things later on.

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