This might just be the weirdest story you will ever read but nonetheless, it’s a true story.

A man who pretended to be Jesus Christ was used by a Pastor in Kenya to deceive his church members and strangely enough, they fell for the scam.

Pictures and videos of the fake savior emerged on social media and it drew a lot of reactions from the online community.

One tweet, shared over 8,000 times and retweeted by South African opposition politician Julius Malema among others, read “a South African man of God invited Jesus Christ from heaven to preach in his church.”

But the pictures are actually from an event in Kiserian city late last week, which is about 25 km northwest of the capital of Kenya, Nairobi.

So who is this fake Jesus and why did he do it?

Apparently, the man is a preacher and actor from the United States called Michael Job who was in Kenya for a Christian interdenominational event where he was slated to be a guest speaker

Kenya Deports American Man Who Pretended To Be Jesus Christ

Back in his hometown Orlando, Florida, he regularly plays the role of Jesus at a theme park called The Holy Land Experience, which describes itself as “a living museum of the Bible.”

The US preacher promises miracles and healing in videos of his Kenyan speeches – for which he got some criticism on social media.

This is not his first African trip, he was in Togo earlier this year, pictures he posted from there demonstrate him dressed in a suit.

It’s still unclear why he decided to pretend to be Jesus Christ but the real question here is how on earth did anybody believe that he was really Jesus?

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