Donna D’Errico, the star who played Donna Marco in the cult-classic TV show Baywatch, is still turning heads at the age of 55.

She truly is a definition of beauty, elegance, and grace.

These days, Donna is very active on the social media where she posts bikini shots and shows her age-defying figure.

The actress is a mother of two. She had her son Rhyan in 1993, three years before her marriage to Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx. Later, Sixx adopted Rhyan. Today, Rhyan works as a film composer, which means he followed in both his mom’s and dad’s footsteps.

She also shares her 22-year-old daughter Frankie-Jean Mary Sixx with the 64-year-old hair metal rocker.

The Baywatch star, who posed for Playboy as its Playmate of the Month for September 1995, posts stunning image on her Only Fans. Often, she poses in underwear and lace, causing a stir which each of her posts.

Ever since her divorce from Sixx, Donna hasn’t been in a steady relationship. She, however, seems to be enjoying being single and getting so much attention from her fans.

“It’s incredible to have so many men interested in you,” she admitted openly.

Her photos picture as an attractive lifeguard in a bright red bikini contributed to the popularity of the target generation’s sex symbol.

Fans have accused Donna of going under the knife and claimed that surgeries are what help her look so young.

Speaking to Yahoo Life, Donna said she was trying to feel less self-conscious about her body and about the opinions of anonymous strangers on the internet.

“I still feel a little self-conscious here and there — sometimes a lot,’ she admitted. ‘But I’ve learned to let that stuff go and stop worrying so much about what other people say and what other people think and just live.

“I wear what I want and I say what I want and I do what I want, and I have stopped living the way that other people think that I should live and I live the way I want to live,” she added, defiantly. “I think that’s what you’re seeing now… is that level of confidence. And I think that everybody knows that confidence is sexy.”

One thing is certain, despite the years that passed by since she was part of Baywatch, Donna hasn’t changed much, except that she changed the famous red bikini with lace lingerie sets.


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