Pieces of memorabilia from the Titanic will soon have a new home.

British auction house Henry Aldridge and Son Ltd. announced it is auctioning off several items on Saturday belonging to passengers from the ill-fated ship, some of which came from the depths of the ocean following its 1912 sinking.

One of these items is a first-class menu dated April 11, approximately three days before the ocean liner sank. The menu appeared to be water-stained but still legible, showing several opulent offerings at the time, including entrées of “Salmon Hollandaise” and “Squab à la Godard” and dessert options like “Apricots Bordaloue” and “Victoria Pudding.”

The auction house noted after checking with museums with Titanic collections and speaking to Titanic memorabilia collectors that there were no other first-class menus found for the night of April 11, making it a rarity.

The menu was discovered in a photo album belonging to Len Stephenson, a community historian who lived in Nova Scotia, Canada, by his daughter, according to a description of the item. Nova Scotia was notably where the bodies of the Titanic victims were taken after they were pulled from the water.

However, it is unknown how Stephenson came to acquire the item, with auctioneer Andrew Aldridge noting, “Sadly, Len has taken the secret of how he acquired this menu to the grave with him.”


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