Al Pacino’s twin daughter Olivia is all grown up and looking gorgeous like her famous parents. She stunned fans with a series of Halloween-themed photos she shared on Instagram.

Al Pacino and his ex-girlfriend Beverly D’Angelo proudly welcomed their twins Anton and Olivia in 2001. Since then, they’ve blossomed into young adults who bear a striking resemblance with both their famous parents.

Pacino is also dad to his eldest daughter, Julie Marie, born from his relationship with Jan Tarrant. He also recently welcomed a child with Noor Alfallah, a son named Roman.
Through the years, Pacino’s daughter, Olivia, has proudly shared bits and pieces of her life with her fans on Instagram. She is a fan of mysterious, artistic photos, as seen on her page.Based on Olivia’s posts, she is close to her eldest sister Julia. Earlier this year, she shared a series of Halloween-themed photos taken by Julie.Now, she’s back at it again with the same theme. This time around, she collaborated with her boyfriend and her sister Julie to make the photos come to life.When her boyfriend commented that she was “film ready,” Olivia answered with a fingers-crossed emoji, as if she was ready to take on that role just like her father.Fans also made sure to praise Olivia for her stellar artistic direction and for her ability to portray the right emotions to match the photoshoot theme. She’s destined to be in front of the camera, and fans are eagerly awaiting her breakthrough in the entertainment industry.

Pacino has done well raising his three children. Despite being half-siblings, the bond between Olivia and Julie is inspiring.

Last October, Olivia’s iconic father, Al Pacino, was on the news for reaching a custody agreement with his third baby mama, Noor Alfallah. They legalized their son Roman’s custody arrangements despite still being a couple.


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