There is nothing a mother wouldn’t do for their little ones. A dog, a cat, or a human, does it make any difference? Separating a mother from her babies is the ultimate act of cruelty, but it seems nothing is sacred to some people, not even family.

A cow named Karma lived on a farm of terrible conditions. The place was rather small and very filthy, so she was eventually rescued and taken to a much better place.

However, although she was taken to a much better home, Karma was heavily disturbed and wouldn’t stop crying. That is when one of the rescuers at California’s Gentle Barn Sanctuary noticed that her udders were full of milk and realized she must have recently had a calf. They weren’t told about that and had no idea where the calf could have been.

They decided to call the farm where Karma used to live and were told that she had a baby which was on the way to the butcher’s.

Karma’s rescuers knew they needed to do everything in their power to track her calf down. Luckily, the truck the calf was traveling with broke down and it gave enough time for Karma’s rescuers to save her little one too.

Once they got to the calf, they calmed Karma down before she and the baby were reunited.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the rescue of Karma and her calf.


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