Thomas was a lonely middle-aged divorcee. His friend got him a dog to try to assist with his loneliness. But after he loses his dog, he learns a couple of lessons about love from a young boy who is able to teach Thomas’ old dog some new tricks.

Thomas was a middle-aged single man who lived a rather mundane, simple life. He would waste away his time watching television and isolating himself in his house. His friends often worried about him.

“It’s one thing being alone. It’s another being lonely,” his friend, Don, often reminded him during their weekly bowling sessions. These were the few occasions Thomas got some time outside of the house.

Don and Thomas grew up together and were dear friends. Don worried about how Thomas’ life had changed since his divorce. Thomas became more secluded and spent most of his days alone.

Most people his age were married or had children, so Don never judged his friend for doing his own thing. His only concern was how his failed marriage had hardened his heart, making him untrusting and resentful.

One day, Don arrived at Thomas’ doorstep with the biggest surprise Thomas could have never been ready for. When Thomas came to answer the door, he was met by Don with a puppy in his arms.

“You got yourself a dog, Don?” Thomas asked, scratching his head in confusion.

“Nope! I got you a dog, Tommy,” Don said, handing the pup over to his bewildered friend.

“What? Are you crazy?! What in the heavens am I supposed to do with a dog?” Thomas said, refusing to take the puppy.

Don laughed at his friend’s disbelief. It was exactly what he was expecting. “So, are you going to let me in or not?” Don asked. Thomas rolled his eyes before ushering in his friend with a sigh.

They sat on the couch as Don played with the puppy. “You seriously bought me a dog?” Thomas said, confused as he looked on at Don playing with the puppy.

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“Yep! You need a friend around, Thomas,” Don said.

“I have a friend. You!” Thomas said.

“Yeah, but…and I mean this with all due respect, Thomas…” Don started before an impatient Thomas chimed in.

“Oh, no! Everyone who starts their sentence with those words normally goes on to say something super disrespectful,” Thomas said, holding his head in dreaded anticipation.

“I am alright,” Thomas said, lying through his teeth.

“Just keep her around for a while and see how you feel. Please, man,” Don said.

Thomas looked at the puppy with great contemplation. The puppy suddenly came up to him and started liking his hand gently. Thomas tried to keep a straight face but couldn’t help but melt at the adorable pup.

“Alright. Just a few days,” Thomas said, playing with the puppy.

“That’s all I ask… So, what will you call her?” Don asked.

“I don’t know… She looks like a Molly to me,” Thomas said. “You like that name? Molly?” he said playfully to little Molly, who continued to lick away.


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