Marie Osmond is a rich and talented singer and actress whose career spans decades.

The television host’s success story encompasses lots of hard work and dedication.

Despite having amassed wealth in her career, Marie’s children will not receive any money from her when she dies.

Marie Osmond, an actress and singer, has a career in the Hollywood industry that spans across various sectors. Her work in film, music, talk shows, and television earned has made her a global icon.

Osmond was born into a large show business family, but reaching such great heights in her career was not an easy thing. Born on October 13, 1959, in Ogden, Utah, the superstar began her journey to greatness at a very young age.

Marie has eight siblings and is the only girl in her family. She enjoyed watching her older siblings sing as a unit as the “Osmond Brothers.” Marie’s father was in charge of the group, which finally came into the limelight in 1962 after they were featured on “The Andy Williams Show.”

The singer was only a toddler in the early 1960s, but her age didn’t stop her from joining her brothers on the exceptional TV show. The siblings were hardworking as they had to memorize scripts, sing songs in a different language for foreign tours, play instruments, and dance.

The “Osmond Brothers” soon became a worldwide pop sensation due to their dedication to their work. As much as the singer and her brothers were soaring high together, Marie began her own journey for individual fame and recognition.

In 1973, Marie’s solo career started on a high note. She released her album “Paper Roses,” which was leading in the country’s music charts. The song also was among those in the top five on the pop charts. The success that came with “Paper Roses” became the start of an incredible career for Marie.

Soon, the singer acquired more fans after she released some of her memorable albums, “In My Little Corner Of The World” and “Who’s Sorry Now.” Marie was now a talented solo artist, realizing her dreams, but she still made bestselling songs with her family. In 1974, Marie and her older brother Donny collaborated to create the songs “Morning Side Of The Mountain” and “I’m Leaving It All Up To You.”

The sibling duo didn’t stop their collaboration at releasing music as in January 1976, they started a TV Variety program called “Donny & Marie”. The show showcased most of the Osmond family. The show also welcomed famous people like Andy Gibb, Kris Kristofferson, Paul Lynde, and others.

Marie continued working in the show business even after the show stopped airing in May 1979. Donny and her sister worked together again when they performed a Las Vegas residency for 11 years. Marie also starred in movies like “Rose Petal Place and “Side By Side: The Story Of The Osmond Family,” amongst others. She then became a part of “The Talk” as a co-host for season 11.

For the “Deep Purple” singer, reinventing herself and getting back up in life was crucial for her long career. She recalled getting a call from her mom when she was 18 and had just moved to New York City. Marie, who has been nominated for three Grammys, added that she will never forget this call as it was when her mother told her that her brothers had lost everything:

Marie further explained that they lost $80 million, which was approximately $100 million in 2014. This loss only pushed the singer to work harder. She has written three books that are New York Times bestsellers and competed on season 5 of “Dancing With the Stars,” coming in fifth place.

These achievements may seem more than enough to warrant a retirement, but Marie is still pushing on. She feels so blessed that she has done so many different things, but she admitted that she always has something she wants to do:

Marie continued working because when life was tough, it was work that gave her a refuge. Through her career, she was able to support her family, and she loved it. On the stage, she could also leave her problems behind for even an hour while she performed.

Looking back, Marie said the one thing she used to sustain herself in the entertainment and business industry was the ethic of hard work. Her father and mother taught her and her siblings to work hard at everything and not just in entertainment.

However, Marie can’t believe she has worked this long and consistently. She thought she’d have retired by now, but she feels absolutely blessed that her fans are still captivated by her career and the things she does.

Aside from her career, Marie dedicated her life to raising her kids. She said she was always the financial support of the family such that when the last kid left home, she had to reevaluate herself.

The television host’s success story would not be complete without mentioning her seven children, whom she loves to spoil. Marie is a mom to Stephen Jr., Jessica, Rachel, Abigail, Brandon, Matthew, and Brianna. The singer lost one of her sons in 2010. The son, Michael, was only 18 when he died.

Four of Marie’s kids are adopted. Like their mother, all of Marie’s children are doing very well. The singer is proud of everything they have accomplished, including starting their own families. As much as her kids have different parenting styles, they are all outstanding humans in Marie’s eyes.

Stephen Jr., 40, who Marie shares with her first husband, Craig, is an actor known for his role in “It Nearly Wasn’t Christmas.” The actor is married to Claire Olds, and they share four kids, Stephen, Christian, Maxwell, and Olive.
Jessica, 35, who was adopted, is gay and has been happily married to her wife, Sara, since 2019. The pair live in Los Angeles, California. Like her sister, Rachel is also married. She tied the knot with fashion designer Gabriel Krueger, and the pair are loving parents of two children, Rocket and Wolf.
Brandon is currently 26 years old and prefers to keep his life away from social media. On the other hand, Brianna, 25, who was also adopted, is a makeup artist. She is married to David Schwep, and the duo has two kids, Maude and Mabel.
Not much is known about Abigail, who is currently 20 years old and the youngest of Marie’s children; however, she is a high school graduate. The singer’s second biological child, Matthew, 24, was born in 1999. He is a devoted Christian and sets aside time to help people.

Marie is pleased with her kids as parents. All her girls are stay-at-home moms. The singer gushed that her daughters are great moms and her daughter-in-law is the best mom. Marie worked a lot when raising her kids and would go to work even at night, so her kids took a different path to parenting.

The 64-year-old singer’s children are dedicated to raising kind and good kids who learn, work hard, and are polite. “I’m really proud of my children as parents,” she confessed. Marie is happy that her kids blessed her with grandkids, and she calls herself a “fun grandma.”

The singer revealed that she has conversations with her eight grandkids about her career, where she tells them that “Grandma has a job.” The loving mother and grandmother has also spoken about the plans she has for her kids when she dies.Marie has succeeded in her life and garnered wealth. The singer has a deep love for her children, but she confessed that she will not be leaving them a fortune when she dies. In an episode of “The Talk” in 2020, the author revealed the goals she has for her riches after her death.

The singer stated that she would be leaving her assets to a charity upon her demise. As for her seven children, the “Hugo the Hippo” star announced that she would be leaving them out as the recipients of her fortune upon her future death.
The “Side by Side” actress explained that she and her husband know that by giving their children their fortune, they will have done them a “great disservice.” Marie noted that wealthy people who give over all their money to their kids often end up depriving them of the one most essential reward they could give their children, which is the ability to work.

The “One Bad Apple” singer pointed out that people who have lots of wealth are supposed to educate their kids about its value so that they can understand and respect it. The actress’s decision emanated from an experience. She revealed that she had a close family that fought over a mirror and table when her uncle and aunt died, so Marie promised herself that it would never happen in her family.

The “I Married Wyatt” actress said in 2023 that she was still firm on her decision not to leave her children an inheritance. Marie noted that she doesn’t know anyone who amounted to anything by just being handed over money. “Honestly, why would you enable your child to not try something?” she asked.

Marie feels that the greatest gift she can give her kids is the opportunity to pursue their passions and find out who they are through working. The singer argued that by leaving her kids an inheritance, she would breed laziness and entitlement in them. Her rule with her kids is that whatever they start, they must work hard to finish.

For Marie, leaving her kids with her wealth will make them uninspired and less willing to work, which will only harm them. The singer’s kids have to learn the joy of starting again when things don’t work, so giving them an inheritance robs them of the experience of figuring things out on their own.
Marie has worked hard in her nearly 60-year career, and she wants her kids to go through a similar experience. She said the money she has made will now be used to enjoy the rest of her life as she has places to go and bucket lists still to do.


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