Robert De Niro is shutting down rumors that he’s resurrecting his role from “Taxi Driver” in an upcoming Uber advertisement.

The Sun reported last week that the Oscar winner was set to play paranoid misfit Travis Bickle from the hit 1976 film and would deliver the character’s famous line: “You talkin’ to me?”

A representative for De Niro confirmed in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter that the actor will be starring in an ad for Uber, but said it’s totally unrelated to his famous “Taxi Driver” character.

“De Niro’s Uber commercial has nothing to do with his Taxi Driver character,” the representative told THR.

The ad is reportedly filming in London and slated for release later this year.

“Taxi Driver” writer Paul Schrader didn’t take kindly to the rumors about De Niro in a post on his personal Facebook page.

“Ouch,” Schrader wrote. “Why Bob would do this is beyond my reckoning. But I haven’t seen it. If I’m lucky I never will.”

“Taxi Driver” follows a Vietnam War veteran whose mental health begins to further unravel as he works as a nighttime taxi driver in New York City.

The Martin Scorsese film — which also stars Jodie Foster, Albert Brooks and Harvey Keitel — garnered four Oscar nominations at the time, including Best Picture, Best Actor for De Niro, Best Supporting Actress for Foster and Best Original Score.

De Niro is set to join forces with Scorsese again for the upcoming crime drama “Killers Of The Flower Moon” alongside actor Leonardo DiCaprio. It hits theaters on Oct. 20.


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