Possible Drone Used: Swellpro Splashdrone 3+
Where to Buy: Amazon
Cost: $2920*

Flying a drone in awful weather can be a complete disaster. After all, these are expensive pieces of technology that shouldn’t be messed with. Of course, there are companies that have thought of everything, including the makers of the Swellpro Splashdrone 3+.

At almost $3,000 on Amazon these flying titans aren’t cheap, but you can’t put a price on incredibly timed shots like this. The lightning striking the busy city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is both stunning and eerie to look at. It was a case of right place, right time – right drone.

If you’re having sticker shock, you shouldn’t, as the features on this drone make it well-deserving of its high price. The SplashDrone 3+ has multiple layers of weather protection, which help keep it safe and return home. If you lose the controller signal (like in a lightning storm), the 3+ will simply return back to its starting point.


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