Eva Longoria is a renowned actress known for numerous iconic roles in shows like “The Young The Restless,” “Desperate Housewives,” and more.

The actress has a long-standing career in Hollywood that she started young, but this year, Longoria celebrated her 48th birthday and spoke about how she embraces aging.

Eva Longoria in West Hollywood California in 2008 | Source: Getty Images

The “Desperate Housewives” star understands that the pressures of aging come with socially constructed beauty standards, so instead of facing aging with a negative perspective, she sees it as watching herself evolve into a better person. “I associate aging with wisdom and experience and maturity. For me, I lean into it. So I kind of have a different approach,” she elaborated.

As someone in Hollywood, Longoria knows that her wrinkles will stand out to many, but she knows aging is a natural part of life and something she cannot change. However, she did not dispute that getting older came with challenges.

The actress revealed that her eyesight had gotten worse. Her doctor diagnosed her with presbyopia, an age-related blurry vision with side effects such as eye redness and headaches.

Despite dealing with some of the effects of getting older, Longoria has not been afraid to switch up her looks. She has experimented with various colors. For Instance, she was blonde on “Desperate Housewives,” then dyed her hair red for another movie role.

But Longoria said both those hair colors were high maintenance. Although she would not want to commit to one solid hair color, the actress loved blonde tips and a balayage. “You just kiss your hair with a little lightness, and it feels like you open up your face for spring,” she added.

The “Divas Maids” actress recently debuted her new haircut. She ditched her long hair and opted for a short, asymmetrical brown bob with a hint of highlights that popped up in the light.

Several fans flooded her comments sections, raving about the new look. One fan said, “I love her new look. So fresh!” Another added, “You look so different. Now we all have to cut our hair.”

Many more people could not stop complimenting Longoria’s new haircut. They loved Longoria’s short hair and said she looked “fabulous” and “amazing.” Her fans thought it was refreshing to see her rock her short hair since she was known and loved for her long hair.

However, some fans still expressed they still preferred Longoria with long hair, while others said the short hair made her unrecognizable. “Doesn’t look like her. At all,” added a netizen.

Longoria has had several influential style evolutions, and fans have loved keeping up with the actress as she experiments with her hair and fashion.


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