Possible Drone Used: Parrot BeBop
Where to Buy: eBay
Cost: $500*

Not every drone has to cost over a thousand dollars to take an interesting photo. One like the Parrot BeBop is under $500 but can still capture shocking snaps like this. Little did that man know when he was taking a casual swim that he was within just a few feet of a huge shark.

It’s worrying to know that drones see much more than we can see, even though they’re much further away than we are. Just one wrong move and that swimmer could’ve been shark bait. Luckily (at least we hope) the man escaped unharmed.

It’s likely that he was fine. As the NOAA says, sharks have a scary reputation, but they really don’t attack people. Humans are too much work—they’d rather chow down on marine mammals and fish. There are over 300 species of sharks, but only a dozen are known to attack, and even those only attack when confused or curious.


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