A mysterious Scottish clown has been tormenting locals in an odd and unnerving series of incidents, putting them in fear and perplexity.

This clown has assumed the persona of a sinister stalker, daring the neighbourhood police to apprehend them while hiding their face beneath a sinister mask and keeping their identity a secret.

Who Was Roaming On The Streets Of Scotland?

A stalker clown in a small Scottish community has dared the local police to capture him on social media.

According to Sky News, residents of the Scottish town of Skelmorlie in North Ayrshire have expressed their fear after witnessing someone spreading red balloons throughout the community while dressed as a clown, a la Pennywise.

The major character of Stephen King’s 1986 novel IT, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, was portrayed by Tim Curry in the 1990 miniseries adaptation. In a 2017 two-part movie adaptation, Pennywise kills kids while prowling the streets of Derry, Maine.

The clown has a Facebook account named Cole Deimos and a biography indicating the user attended clown school and resides in Skelmorlie.

A ‘killing clown’ is prowling the streets of a peaceful community, terrifying the people. According to the Facebook profile, the persona attended Clown School and resides in Skelmorlie.

A resident who wished to remain anonymous said he isn’t letting his two boys, ages 11 and 13, out at night. He stated:

Whoever the guy is needs to be stopped since he is frightening everyone. Before the cops get involved, someone needs to speak with him since he is genuinely frightening someone. He might cause a heart attack in someone.

According to reports, Police Scotland is aware of the clown’s taunting. The clown is said to have first appeared in the area in 2021.

When Was He Seen On The Streets?

According to the Facebook post, the clown was seen roaming around the streets of Scotland on October 12, 2023. According to reports, images and videos of the clown posing on pitch-black streets were posted on social media before being removed.


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