Lol, talk about the best hiding spot ever. 😂

Cats can be sneaky when it comes to hiding places.

So, if you couldn’t find yours, would you think to ask the dog?

Melanie was looking for her cat, Chippy, and decided to ask her Bernese Mountain Dog, Theodore.

Theodore was lying on his bed with such an innocent look you know he was hiding something.“Theodore, where’s Chippy?” Melanie asked her dog.

From the way he was lying down and his face, it looked like Theodore was going to pretend he doesn’t know anything.

He was just going to stay down and look at Mom with those eyes that will make you feel sorry you asked.

But then there’s the cutest surprise…

Theodore’s head pops up revealing where Chippy’s been all along.

Theodore has been hiding his cat brother under him the whole time!

Turns out, Chippy had a snoozing spot in the dog’s warm and comfy fur.

As one viewer commented:“That cat has the best bodyguard ever. Forever protected.”

Theodore wanted non-stop cuddles from Chippy.

After the “game was up,” Theodore decided to give his little buddy lots of love.

He immediately started licking and kissing Chippy.

It’s not too clear if Chippy loved it or was annoyed by it – but it’s pretty darn cute.

Whether Theodore knew what Chippy’s reaction was, he wasn’t going to let him go anytime soon.

Chippy moved as if to leave the bed, but Theodore moved his paw so Chippy couldn’t leave.

But Chippy isn’t actually trapped.

His mom said Chippy wouldn’t let himself be cuddled like this if he didn’t like it.

Viewers couldn’t help but gush at the amazing brotherhood of Theodore and Chippy.

“The cat’s trying to act annoyed while secretly loving the affection,” someone wrote.

“This is about the sweetest thing I ever saw when it comes to animals, I love it,” another viewer commented.

Some made jokes about it.

They said that Chippy may have expressed delight at seeing their mom because he’s been trapped under all that fur for ages!

Another person said:

“Last look on the face.. ”Hooman, get me outta here, now…”! 😂

So, do you think Chippy loved being cuddled by his dog brother?

Melanie is really lucky and blessed that Theodore and Chippy get along so well.

This is a very unusual relationship for dogs and cats. They don’t always get along.

It’s not that they’re enemies but they have different body languages.

What can be considered friendly by dogs can be sensed as an attack by cats.

It’s important to ease both animals into their new living space with each other.

Patience is the key to a peaceful household.

Once you’ve done the work, it’ll be mostly love, laughs, and cuddles from that point on.




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