Curious about your true personality? Try out this optical illusion and take a closer look at your personality traits that are hidden from the world. Find out if you really are a good listener or not.

If you’re new to this, optical illusions are fascinating images that can perplex your mind, causing you to perceive things in a way that differs from their actual appearance. These pictures can create false impressions within the elements of the image, adding things that aren’t actually there or concealing important details you would normally notice.

In our three-dimensional world, our brains rely on cues such as depth, shading, lighting, and positioning to interpret what we see. However, when we examine a two-dimensional image, our brains can be deceived because these cues are missing.

That is why these optical illusions confuse human perception and cause misunderstandings. Optical illusions employ colours, light, and patterns to craft images capable of deceiving or perplexing our brains. The data received by our eyes is processed by the brain, resulting in a perception that diverges from the actual image.

These illusions aren’t solely for entertainment and curiosity; they can also serve as a means to measure a person’s intelligence. Additionally, these optical illusions can offer intriguing glimpses into hidden aspects of an individual’s personality.

What Do You See?

Your task is simple. All you have to do is observe the illusion before you and figure out which object you saw first. The object you notice first will reveal your hidden personality traits and determine whether you are a good listener and sympathetic or not. Read the explanation below and find out what type of person you are!

What It Means


If you first notice the bear or panda in the image, it could mean that although you may appear outwardly sweet, you actually keep your emotions guarded and resist letting people get too close to you.

These trust issues likely result from past experiences of being hurt multiple times. You tend to overthink things a lot, and sometimes your mind is so busy that it makes you feel exhausted. Listening to others might not be your strong suit.


If you notice the waterfall first, it might mean that you’re a highly empathetic person. You frequently consider things from other people’s viewpoints and are an excellent listener, which is why you have many friends.

However, one challenge you might face is carrying the emotional burdens of others, which can sometimes make you feel quietly frustrated.


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