Restaurant puts up sign only allowing “well-behaved” children & parents are enraged.

No matter how hard they try, parents are often judged for their parenting style, and that makes them question if they are raising their children right.

Between the tantrums, the crying that naturally happens when they test how far they can go, and all the smiles they treat you with, it’s safe to say that bringing children up is one hell of a task that parents sometimes struggle to complete the way they have imagined.

When your child throws a tantrum, it is of great help that those witnessing the stressful moment be understanding instead of judgmental, because you know what they say, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and that’s so true.

A few years ago, one Arby’s in Minnesota caused quite a stir among parents when they placed a sign which limited the sort of children entering the place.

This story was shared by a mom of three named Christine Hemsworth. She explained that she visited her local Arby’s in the town of Elk River in October, 2019, but was shocked to see the sign which read, “Only well behaved Children who can keep their food on their trays and their bottoms on their seats are welcome. If you can’t do this you will be asked to leave.” 

Having a two-year-old, she wasn’t happy with what she read. Because let’s be honest, children that age are hard to be forced to be seated for longer periods of time.

Speaking to KARE 11, she explained, “I was like ‘oh gosh.’ I’ve got a two-year-old with me and he doesn’t always keep his fries on the tray or his bottom on the seat. He sometimes stands up.”

Since she had a coupon for a family meal, she decided to have lunch there anyway, although she didn’t feel comfortable at all.

“It was kind of uncomfortable in the restaurant the time we were there,” she explained.

Once home, she decided to share the story about the sign with her Facebook friends, not knowing that it would caught the attention of many more people than those on her friend’s list.

“I’m not a complainer — I’m really not,” she told TODAY. “But this just didn’t sit well with me. The manager could have addressed the message to people individually, not assigned it to the general public.”

Although this happened some years ago, there are still restaurants out there who won’t permit less behave children from dining at their place, so Christine’s story emerges on the Internet every now and then.

Each time, it sparks a debate among social media users, with some saying the restaurant’s decision to place such sign is discriminating, and others claiming it is the parents’ job to to ensure their children are disciplined at all times.

“Too bad,” one wrote. “I hate it when parents cannot control their children. My son is now 30 and has most respect for others because I raised him to be respectful of others.”

They need a sign that says “only well behaved parents,” another added.

A third stated: “Eating out in nice restaurants is a luxury for most of us these days! If I’m spending that much money, I don’t want to listen to screaming kids!”

Following Christine’s post on social media, Arby’s issued a statement apologizing.

“We recognize the language on this sign was insensitive. We removed it quickly, and have disciplined the manager and team working at the restaurant. It does not reflect our company values and the family-friendly environment we aim to provide in all of our restaurants,” a spokesperson told TODAY.

What are your thoughts on this?


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