After discovering his wife’s infidelity, a man conducted a DNA test on his children. The results revealed that one out of his three children was not biologically his. Several years later, one of his sons chose to undergo another DNA test, unaware of the surprising outcome that awaited him.

Things took a different turn when the DNA test results came out. Upon seeing the test report, the man decided to abandon his wife and the son who didn’t belong to him. However, he contacted his son four years later, asking him to come back into his life. The boy was sure he didn’t want to reconnect with his father after he had abandoned him based on a DNA test result.

On November 20, 2018, an anonymous male poster, 18, under the username turnsoutinsane, shared his story in the “Relationship Advice” subreddit, narrating what had happened in his house. It all started four years ago when his father found out about his mother’s affairs.He knew she had cheated on him a few times in the past, but he forgave her every time. However, this time it was different because the affair had been going on for a long time. After learning when the affair started, the man suspected that his children might not be his. To clear his suspicions, he decided to get them DNA-tested.

The DNA test results revealed that two of the man’s three children were his. The original poster was the child whose DNA results showed his father was someone else. OP revealed that his father divorced his mother after that and moved out with his siblings.

Other members of the family also stopped talking to him and his mom. “I stay behind with mom, who hits a new low finding herself alone, and we both become pretty much outcasts as far as most of the family is concerned,” revealed OP.

OP recalled that his elder brother was very rude to him, while his mother was depressed because everyone had cut ties with her. But that was not the end of the story.

Without sharing the reason behind it, OP revealed that he took another DNA test and discovered that the results of the first test were erroneous and he was actually his father’s biological son.

When he told his mother and grandfather about it, they had different opinions. His mother wanted him to reconnect with his father, while his grandfather talked to a lawyer to see what could be done.

The boy had no plans of going back to his father. His brother kept calling him after learning about his DNA test results, but he didn’t want to talk to him. And while his family members were pressuring him to reconcile with his father, his mother had forgiven his father, and they were going out on a date.

Not knowing what else to do, OP turned to the online community for help, wondering if it was wrong to tell his family that he didn’t want to talk to his father. “You are under no obligation to anyone,” suggested one user, adding it was his choice if he didn’t want to talk to his family. No one could force him otherwise.

Another person agreed with OP’s stance and shared that he went through something similar as a child, but he stood firm on his decision and didn’t talk to his family members. “Your self-care comes first, always,” the Redditor wrote.On November 23, 2018, OP shared a note-worthy update to his original story. Something significant occurred the day before, prompting him to narrate the experience. In the update, he resolved to adhere to his decision of not communicating with his family.

With plans to relocate to another city soon, OP opted to change his phone number. Only his grandpa would be privy to the new number, and assurances were made that it would remain confidential. Given his background as a retired cop with a no-nonsense attitude, grandpa asserted that anyone wanting to contact OP would have to go through him.

The twist came when OP’s mother attempted to talk, and his grandpa insisted on approving any contact. During the confrontation, the elderly man humorously laid down the law, warning legal consequences for anyone disturbing his grandson.

OP’s mom argued that his grandpa’s actions were dividing the family. Still, the senior citizen countered, stating the family had already fractured and he was only looking out for his grandchild. After his mother left, OP, initially amused, was deeply moved by his grandfather’s declaration.

The older man reassured him about family bonds and advised him to remember them when starting his own family. As a side note, OP detailed his troubled relationship with his older brother, highlighting theft, lies, and bullying, with his grandpa stepping in to protect OP from physical harm.

OP wrote another post sharing something he had never expected to happen. He explained: “The lab didn’t make a mistake on my results. What they did is they MIXED the results of all children.”

Everyone in the family was shocked to learn that it was OP’s elder brother, who wasn’t his father’s biological son despite resembling him the most. However, the brother planned to get another DNA test to confirm this.

A Redditor asked OP if his father kicked his brother out after discovering the truth. He replied that he had moved away from his family, so he didn’t have any updates. His grandfather told him about the lab test results, and he was pleased to find out about it.

Most Redditors felt his father shouldn’t have abandoned him after getting the DNA test results. They appreciated OP for not talking to his father. According to OP, his father blamed him for breaking up the family.

Apparently, he had no issues with his wife’s infidelity and had admitted to forgiving her many times. “The [expletive] kid [thought] he couldn’t forgive. So it was my fault and my brother [expletive] hated me for it,” added OP.

Do you think OP’s father was at fault? Should OP’s father have kicked his brother out after knowing that the lab had mistakenly swapped their results? Click here to read another story about a father who considered doing a DNA test after a heated argument with his wife.


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