The woman and her husband took off from work and hurried home after her mother-in-law told them to come over immediately. After they arrived, she showed her son mail with the paternity test results of his child.

After moving into her in-laws’ house, Redditor ThunderCunty thought she was surrounded by people who genuinely loved her. Well, maybe…but it wasn’t until her mother-in-law decided to wreak havoc in her marriage by taking a secret paternity test on the woman’s baby.The mom posted her story on Reddit’s “JUSTNOMIL” sub, where readers fumed over the incredible drama the mother-in-law sparked after the DNA test results arrived.

The Original Poster’s (OP) mother-in-law, Edith, was generally a lovely person. Maybe that’s what OP thought, especially after the mother-in-law (MIL) welcomed her into the family after OP eloped with her son.

Edith offered to watch her granddaughter while OP and her husband worked. Even OP thought it was an amazing idea, but one unbelievable incident pushed her to put her baby in daycare and away from her mother-in-law.

As it turned out, OP’s mother-in-law had decided that her granddaughter didn’t look like her son. So, she headed for a paternity test on the child, and instead of testing the baby’s father, she tested his adopted brother.

The woman was aware that the results would declare her son as not the child’s father, and this was what she wanted. So, after the results came back, she called OP and her son to come home immediately.

The couple was at work but took off on the spot and rushed home. As soon as they arrived, OP’s mother-in-law showed them a mail about the paternity test.

Puzzled about what was happening, OP’s husband opened it and read it. Unsurprisingly, the results revealed that he was not the child’s father, just as his mom had expected.

OP’s husband was fuming and asked his mom what this was about. OP was stunned, and she couldn’t decipher what was going on. Her MIL chimed in and said that she knew OP had been cheating on her husband. She then told her son to divorce OP.

A few minutes into the intense drama, the couple realized that OP’s husband was never tested for his child’s paternity, and he’d never signed for one. They immediately learned that the MIL tested their daughter with someone else, so the results came back negative.

Shortly after the incident, the couple headed to a paternity test center in town and took the test. When Edith was on her way to drop her granddaughter at her parents’ house, OP and her husband told her that they had exciting news to share. They then showed the woman the results, and she turned red.

However, the mother-in-law stood her ground against OP and tried her best to manipulate her son into thinking OP had cheated on him. She claimed OP had messed up the test and even said she could’ve taken the test on the baby’s biological father and swapped the results.

Edith then asserted that OP would’ve done anything to prove the child was her son’s so that he wouldn’t leave her. She reasoned that OP planned to stay in this marriage and claim his money and inheritance.

OP was crushed and fuming at the same time. She couldn’t believe that her mother-in-law would come down to such a level to shame her and destroy her marriage. OP then turned to Reddit to unleash her emotional baggage.After OP publicized the incident online, several people condemned the mother-in-law and suggested OP permanently cut ties with her. Redditor elysians stated:Some, like user ThatOneChic25, felt it was time to say goodbye to Edith. “Please tell me your husband has decided to go no contact with the woman who attempted to destroy his family,” the person said, adding:

In the end, OP stated that she never cheated on her husband and would never think of doing that. “I love him, and he’s the father of our daughter,” she proclaimed.

She hoped her mother-in-law would find a new hobby and not plot ways to destroy her marriage again. “We aren’t taking it anymore,” OP concluded. However, only time will tell if OP’s mother-in-law changed her attitude and regretted her mistake.Redditors had more comments about the issue. They advised the OP and her husband about what they could do and shared these opinions:


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