Michael Douglas, 79, and Kathleen Turner, 69, are two powerhouse icons in Hollywood. Both have built illustrious careers that have garnered them incredible success as formidable actors in the entertainment industry.Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner pictured together in New York City in 1983 | Source: Getty Images

Douglas and Turner have starred opposite each other in more than one film and have produced fantastic productions due to their undeniable on-screen chemistry. A news source previously highlighted them as a reigning screen team in Tinseltown and mentioned the fact that they have been frequently compared to the late classic acting duo Audrey Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in "The Jewel of the Nile" in 1985. | Source: Getty Images

Despite their differing personalities—Douglas is typically known for his quiet intensity and affable ways, while Turner is more feisty and headstrong— together, the two have set the silver screen ablaze. Their most notable productions include, “Romancing the Stone,” and “The War of the Roses.”Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner on the set of "Romancing the Stone" in 1984. | Source: Getty Images

Even though the two turned on the charm and romantic sparks on camera with other co-stars, the public would always revert to the incomparable effect Turner and Douglas had as on-screen lovers, on their audiences. Turner herself previously stated that her fans would sometimes only be interested in when she planned on doing the next film with Douglas.Co-star and one of the directors of “War of the Roses,” Danny DeVito, even attested to the apparent spark and attraction between the two. Of Turner and Douglas as actors and their relationship, DeVito shared:


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