Michella Meier-Morsi went viral on social media for showcasing her extremely large protruding pregnancy belly on TikTok. In the widely circulated video, she is seen standing in front of lightly-colored curtains in a white underwear set with a gown-like garment covering her arms.

The main attraction of the video is her hard-to-miss huge pregnant belly, which jutted straight out. Meier-Morsi held onto her protruding belly as she turned around to show viewers her body from all angles.

To say people who watched the viral video were shocked would be an understatement. Onlookers on TikTok immediately started flooding the Scandinavian mother’s page with comments about them being impressed by her incredible strength and durability to handle carrying such heavy weight.

TikTok users marveled at the mom’s ability to take the pregnancy in her stride and referred to her as a supernatural wonder woman. Most admitted that they would never be able to handle a pregnancy like Meier-Morsi’s.

One commentator congratulated the mom on the momentous milestone but could not get over the journey the mom went through. The woman on TikTok wrote:

Others wondered how Meier-Morsi was even able to recover from that experience and marveled at how she was able to carry out typical day-to-day activities and functions. Another TikTok user said:

The extreme size of the mother’s belly was because she was carrying triplets, which naturally made her stomach protrude “straight out” to such a degree. After giving birth, she opened up about what she went through while heavily pregnant.

The end of the TikTok video showed Meier-Morsi holding her three baby boys after she had given birth, and followers of the story were pleased to see the beautiful babies looking happy and healthy. However, her pregnancy and labor were anything but smooth sailing for the resilient mom.

Meier-Morsi got candid about the extreme pain she felt in the moments leading up to the birth of her triplets. In a post shared three days before she was set to welcome her babies, the mother admitted to feeling ill-prepared to give birth.

In the post, she detailed her anxiety over her labor while giving followers of the story an update on her pregnancy, which had reached its final trimester. Meier-Morsi divulged:Later in her update, she talked about the unbelievable pain she had been enduring throughout the pregnancy. The mother shared:

The pain-engulfed mom expressed how she sometimes just wanted to curl herself up in a ball and cry about the unimaginable situation. An additional post made by her the night before she went into labor shed more light on how terrified the boy-mom was to give birth.

She revealed that even as she was driven to hospital in an ambulance, her fearful feelings swirled around her intrusive thoughts about her or her babies being unable to handle the labor.However, the negative thoughts disappeared, and Meier-Morsi geared herself up to welcome her boys, hoping for the best. Her three sons were born after what she termed the wildest 36 hours of labor pain:

Teddy, Charles, and Gabriel Meier-Morsi are living their best lives with their doting parents. On June 14, 2023, mama Meier-Morsi reposted the video that left millions worldwide shocked by her incredibly large belly on Instagram.

In her caption, she reminisces about how far her baby boys have come since they were born and had to be hooked to probes and tubes in the hospital. One of the boys was even hooked up to a CPAP machine to help with breathing.

As her boys continue to grow, Meier-Morsi marvels at how rapidly fast time is moving. She talked about feeling as though she only blinked her eyes for a second, and her babies were already over a year old. The loving mother is just as happy to see her boys growing up as she is tearful about how quickly it’s happening right before her eyes:

According to the little toddler’s mother, Teddy and Charles are on the fast track to wanting to be a little more independent, as the two started walking before their brother, Gabriel, who still crawls. Mama Meier-Morsi describes how she still sees little Gabriel as her baby because she says he still relies on her the most, despite his wiggly and rambunctious ways.Additionally, she reported being able to detect their developmental differences from day to day, as she remains with them 24/7. She has also become enthralled with “their understanding, attention to each other, their way of playing, eating, gossiping, [and] showing love.”

In addition to the three boys, the loving mother is also a mom to two girls. On their mom’s Instagram page, viewers get heartwarming glimpses of the special moments the family shares.

One such adorable post shows the beloved mother with her three boys sitting in what looks to be their nursery as she reads them a story. As she reads the baby storybook, all three boys appear to be heavily invested in the content, barring the occasional moment of being distracted.

Another post with all five kids shows a lovely family picture of them posing with their mom at a fun day event. In the caption, the mom of five quipped:

The Meier-Morsi family continues to enjoy spending quality time together and attending all sorts of fun trips and events. Though the family matriarch’s pregnancy journey was difficult, she is blessed to have given birth to three happy and healthy boys.


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