I laughed with tears all day after reading this.

After a long and tiring day at the office, a man named Ray couldn’t wait to call the day off. Once home, he took his shoes off and crawled into bed with his wife who was already asleep and dozed off.

Just as he had fallen asleep, he heard St. Peter telling him that he died in his sleep.

“I’m dead?” Ray asked while still in complete shock. “No way in hell am I! Too much is at stake for me to die now; please bring me back!”

St. Peter then told him there was a way he gets back to Earth, but only in a form of a chicken.

Ray agreed, and his only wish was to be placed in a farm next to his neighborhood.

St. Peter did as promised and Ray soon found himself at a nice farm, talking to a rooster. “So, you’re the new hen, huh?” the rooster asked. “How is your first day going thus far?”

“Not bad,” Ray answered, “but I have this funny feeling inside like I’m gonna explode!”

“You’re ovulating; don’t tell me you’ve never laid an egg before?”

Ray was a bit confused, and said he had never done that before.

“Well, just chill out and let it happen,” the rooster advised him, assuring him it wasn’t a big deal.

A few seconds later, an egg sprang to the surface and Ray was both emotional and relieved.

Moments later, he laid another, and then yet another egg.

At that moment, he felt someone tapping him and saying, “Ray, wake up! You took a dump on the bed!”


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