Dolly Parton’s professional life is an open book, but her personal life is well privatized. Parton is married to Carl Thomas Dean, who enjoys a private life despite his wife being a famous celebrity.The queen of country music said her mother taught her to keep some things to herself, so she chose to maintain a certain level of privacy when it came to her marriage to Dean, which she noted benefits their union and helps protect the person she loves.
So private is her life with Dean that in 2020, the singer told Entertainment Tonight that some people believed her husband doesn’t exist. However, she insisted that he was just a reserved and quiet person who doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight at all.

Parton and Dean got married on May 30, 1966, and have been in their union for 57 years. The two have no kids together, although, at one point, they thought about how it would be if they had children. They wondered if their babies would be as tall as Dean or as short as Parton. The singer recalled:

“If we’d had a girl, she was gonna be called Carla. Anyway, we talked about it, and we dreamed it, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

If the couple had kids, they would probably have been blessed with grandchildren too, and these AI-generated photos give a glimpse into how the country crooner’s grandkids would have looked today.

Parton wasn’t blessed to be a biological mother, but she shines bright in her role as a godmother.

How Parton’s Grandson Would Look as a Toddler

Suppose Parton had a grandson today, he would have her lovely blonde hair and facial structure. However, this AI-created picture also shows the young boy with distinct features, such as blue eyes, unlike Parton’s, which are green.

How Parton’s Granddaughter Would Look as a Toddler

According to AI, Parton’s granddaughter would have inherited her grandma’s gentle facial features. This picture shows that they would both have shared green-colored eyes. The girl would also have Parton’s blonde hair and impeccable cowgirl style of dressing.

How Parton’s Granddaughter Would Look as a Teenager

Parton’s granddaughter as a teenager would be her lookalike. She would have voluminous blonde hair cascading past her shoulders. The teenager’s facial structure would resemble Parton’s, too, as the AI-created picture shows it to be toned and oval-shaped.

How Parton’s Grandson Would Look as a Pre-teen

Parton’s grandson, as a pre-teen, would have little of the singer’s features. However, he would have his grandmother’s green eyes. This AI-generated photo shows the singer’s grandson with a blend of brown and blonde hair. Still, their facial structures differ as the boy’s is round.

How Parton’s Grandson Would Look as a Teenager

Parton’s grandson, as a teenager, would still have little of the singer’s features, save for his oval-shaped face, resembling his grandmother’s, to complement his brownish blonde hair. This AI-created photo also shows that the teenager would probably love music like his grandmother.

How Parton’s Grandson Would Look as an Adult

Contrary to his younger persona, this AI-generated picture of Parton’s adult grandson transforms him into a replica of his grandmother. Along with blonde hair, he also has Parton’s green eyes, oval-shaped face, and the structure of her nose. Completing the resemblance is his cowboy fashion.

Today, Parton doesn’t regret that she never got the chance to have kids. She opened up on why she considers not having children a blessing, allowing her maternal instinct to thrive in helping other kids through her philanthropic work.

Parton’s Contentment with Not Having Children

Parton revealed in her book “Dolly on Dolly: Interviews and Encounters with Dolly Parton” why she couldn’t have kids. The singer underwent a partial hysterectomy in 1985 after she was diagnosed with endometriosis.

The procedure ended her chances of conceiving naturally. This impacted the singer badly as she fell into depression, binge ate, and even considered suicide. Eventually, Parton made peace with not having kids.According to Parton, God has a plan for everything, and it was probably his plan for her not to have children so that she could share her love and be a mother to everybody’s else’s kids. Parton admitted that she and her husband are pleased they never had kids.
She added that if she were blessed with kids, she would have immersed herself totally into motherhood. The “Jolene” star would have given up everything for her kids and probably not have the fame and career she has today.

The singer added that she would have felt guilty if she had left her children at home and gone to work or on tour. “Everything would have changed. I probably wouldn’t have been a star,” she acknowledged.While she never had kids of her own, Parton is a doting godmother to former Disney star Miley Cyrus. The singer has known Cyrus since she was a baby and became her godmother because she was close friends with her father, Billy Cyrus.When Cyrus was born, her father told Parton that she just had to be her godmother, and she accepted. They didn’t do a big ceremony to signify her role as a godmother, but Parton is proud of Cyrus, loves her, and proudly acknowledges, “She’s just like one of my own.”Parton’s maternal instincts are also evident in her philanthropic work with the Dollywood Foundation, her non-profit organization which motivates kids in the singer’s home county, Sevier, to achieve educational success.Parton wasn’t blessed to be a biological mother, but she shines bright in her role as a godmother and excels in supporting other people’s children. The singer is pleased her dream to be a mom never came true as she managed to be a star and share her love with many other kids.


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