The search for missing 10-month-old Zeke Best came to a tragic end earlier this week after authorities located his body just one day after an Amber Alert was issued.

As per reports, the baby was found dead in an area around 24 miles east of Idaho Falls, Idaho after a hunter phoned in to report a man in a sleeping bag at the roadside.

Police revealed in statement: “The caller stated the man was naked and making odd statements.”

According to CBS News, the man was identified as Jeremy Albert Best, wanted in the aforementioned Amber Alert on suspicion of kidnapping the child in Teton County.

The Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office told how they had located Best’s car in an embankment and thereafter found baby Zeke dead at the scene.

On Thursday, November 30 Best caused alarm when he was reportedly seen walking through a store completely naked. Despite his concerning behavior, he was released from mental health screening hours before allegedly murdering his wife, Kali Jean Randall, 38, and abducting Zeke.

After the discovery of Kali’s body on Thursday evening, a desperate search was launched to find both Best and Zeke. Sadly, that manhunt came to an end on Saturday morning, with Zeke’s body found in close proximity to his still-living father.

Best was taken into custody on the arrest warrant issued in connection with the death of his wife. He is currently being held in Bonneville County Jail and will remain in custody until his arraignment, authorities said.

Here is the latest picture of Zeke Best. He’s been missing since late last night — and was apparently kidnapped by his…

“Our thoughts are with the family of the victims involved in this case. Further information about this case will be available at an appropriate time in the future as the investigation is still ongoing,” the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Naturally, the rapidly-developing story has risen to the attention of the public, many of whom expressed heartbreak over the loss of baby Zeke and the distressing circumstances surrounding his death.


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