The story a woman shared on Reddit asking if she was in the wrong for issuing an ultimatum to her husband make us question if a toxic mother-in-law can ruin a relationship between two people.

The woman explained that she and her husband dated for five years before tying the knot, but up until that point, she wasn’t aware of how ‘toxic’ his relationship with his mother was.

Namely, the woman was in the sixth month of pregnancy, but she wasn’t getting any help from her husband in the process of getting ready for welcoming a child.

Whenever she would ask something from him, he would say he wasn’t available because he needed to check on his mom and spend some time with her. “My husband is a complete mommas boy. He’ll call his mother for hours and talk to her and spend time with her more than he does with me.”

This started bothering the woman, so she confronted her husband, but he simply said, “You know my mom comes before you.”

This came as a shock to the woman. She couldn’t believe her husband could say such a thing to her, but she decided to let it go and decided to get everything ready for the arrival of her child all by herself. But then, she received a call from her mother-in-law who told her that she had won, as though the two were battling over her son’s affection.

OP was left in complete shock.

“I think my MIL is competing with me, and I might even have to give my husband [an] ultimatum because after reading these comments, things could only get worse from here.”

On the day of their anniversary, OP bought her husband a gift and prepared his favorite meal. When he returned home from work, he just changed his clothes and told her he needed to go out. She was certain he went out in order to get her a gift, but she couldn’t be more wrong.

After waiting for some time, she called him, and guess where he was. At his mother’s place.

Most of the redditors advised OP to talk to her husband again and explain to him that he wasn’t in a relationship with his mother and that his bond with his mother was rather strange and unhealthy.

After she did that, her husband told her that she shouldn’t get mad at him or his mother, because his mother meant a lot to him.

Hearing this and realizing her mother-in-law wasn’t willing to change, OP gave her husband an ultimatum. He either spends more time with her or she’s divorcing him.

This was a wake-up call for him. He swore he would do his best to change.

As of her mother-in-law, OP told her that in case she continues manipulating her son in spending most of the time with her, she would not let her see her grandchild.

OP wanted to know if she was the a*****e for doing this.

Most users said she wasn’t and sided with her.


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