A 29-year-old man took to Reddit to ask about a delicate situation he found himself in, but he got called out for what he did behind his wife’s back.

He started his story explaining that he and his wife, who is black, tied the knot after dating for around a year. One of the reasons why they got married that soon was that she got pregnant.

Their union functioned perfectly and the two were very happy together, being convinced they did the right thing

Just to note, the man posted the story after the couple already welcomed two children together, the son, who was five at the time, and a daughter, who was three.

Following his daughter’s arrival into the world, the man started having certain doubts, but not about the baby girl but about his son. As he explained, his son was much darker than his wife while the daughter was whiter than her mother. This raised some questions not only at the man but also at those around him, including his family and friends.

He is noticeably darker than my wife,” the man posted

However, although he had doubts, he loved his son and decided to trust his wife, although he someone believed that there was a chance that the boy wasn’t his.

His doubts became bigger upon the arrival of the couple’s daughter who was whiter and had blue eyes. What’s most, he noticed that his part of the family bonded with his daughter faster than they did with his son.

I never realized how powerful it is to know a child is yours,” the man wrote among the rest.

Despite all this, he never let his wife or his son learn of his doubts. According to him, he treated both his children equally.

Soon after, he started feeling resentment against his son. He wrote, “It felt unfair that I had to care for someone else’s child. I also began to resent my wife because I felt she had betrayed me,” and then confessed, “I finally got a paternity test in secret.”

The test results showed that the boy was his. The man was relieved and the relationship between him and his wife improved significantly, although she was not even aware of her husband’s doubts or the DNA test.

They even talked about having a third child.

Everything seemed to fall into place for the man, but he couldn’t live with the fact that he took the test behind his wife’s back. So, after thinking about it long and hard, he decided to confess her because he believed she would understand his reasons for doing such a thing.

Instead, his wife lost it and asked him if he’d doubted their daughter too; but when he said he didn’t, she called him a racist.

The man denied being racist and shared how he didn’t prefer his daughter because of her “whiter features” but because he knew she was his child because of the resemblance to him. His wife, however, accused him of having made their son feel unloved for years and for no reason, but he disagreed, saying he’d treated the boy like his own despite his doubts.Redditors agreed that what he did was totally wrong and said his wife didn’t overreact but she had the right to be mad at him. Many even deserved him being called racist.

One user wrote his skin crawled at the mention that the man’s family didn’t bond with the boy because he was darker.

Another one added that the man should pray his son never finds out what he did.

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