Losing a child is never easy. A lot of people have different ways of dealing with their grief. This young mother had her own unique way of trying to deal with her heartbreak.

Not everyone understands how you choose to grieve. Keep reading to know more about her tattoo and what it means.

Losing a child is perhaps one of the hardest things in the world that anyone has to experience. A lot of people do something to commemorate the memory of their child and to honor it.

This young mother wanted to do exactly that but was initially met with a lot of ridicule. While her tribute to her late child was made fun of and laughed at, she went ahead with it.

And as people found out what her tribute really meant, they could not help but grow emotional.

A young mother in Huntsville, Alabama was looking for a way to honor the child she lost and settled on getting a tattoo. She had the idea for the tattoo in her mind already and went to a tattoo shop in her town to ask about the execution of the tattoo.

She was met with laughter and ridicule. She took to Reddit to explain her experience, saying that she believed the people at the tattoo parlor probably laughed at it because it seemed basic. She wrote, “I suppose because it seemed to them like a “basic white girl” tattoo.”

However, they were unaware of the deep meaning the tattoo held, and thus, the woman took her business elsewhere, where she was treated with respect and dignity.

She posted the completed tattoo on Reddit and shared the meaning behind it. The tattoo depicts a tree branch on which three birds are perched, and one baby bird can be seen to be flying away. She wrote that the tattoo was in honor of her lost baby. The two adult birds and another smaller bird (presumably her other child) are looking at the baby bird flying away.

The baby bird is obviously the child she lost. The tattoo made a lot of people emotional. One Reddit user wrote, “I don’t consider myself very sentimental, but this made me tear up; what a beautiful tattoo.”

While another user added, “That’s lovely…. Simple. Thoughtful. Well executed. Thankyou for sharing. Now I have dust in my eye….”


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