The relationship a grandparent shares with their grandchild is incredibly special. This is why grandparents adore it when they see their grandchildren; it is always a special occasion.

Keep reading to learn more about this incident that made a grandfather tear up.

As we are growing up, we forget that our grandparents are getting older. Erica Lusher knew this very well, which is why she took a trip to Port Orange, Florida. The family had been divided for a long time, which is why they decided to surprise them.

The family decided to drive over 800 miles to give the grandparents a surprise of a lifetime as they sat eating at a local restaurant in their city. The first person to notice was the grandma, who was left standing in the middle of a restaurant in shock.

The grandfather notices next. When he spots his daughter, his face makes a grimace that reads, ‘What are you doing here?’ But as his eyes fall further down, he spots someone special.

He immediately melts into a puddle of tears, and all he can manage to say is, “Buddy.” He hugs his grandson close and has tears running down his face in his happiness.

In the video, the grandfather and grandmother can be seen wearing masks, which point towards the video being filmed sometime after the COVID-19 outbreak. It is obvious this was a time when seeing family was not easy, especially if you lived in different cities. It is such a heartbreaking situation for so many people to have been in. Thankfully, those days are in the past now.

Clearly, the family had been apart for too long and finally got their long-awaited meet-up in the form of a heart melting surprise.


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