A young father was told by his child’s mother that the baby had died at birth. But then, the mother revealed to him the truth, and by then, it seemed too late. Keep reading to know more about this unbelievable story.

For a parent, there is nothing more scary than the possibility of losing your child. When a young dad Brandon Marteliz was told that his newborn daughter had passed away, he was in a kind of pain that he cannot even describe.

According to an interview, he could not even accept it.

Just days before this happened, the baby’s mother was excited for her arrival. But then suddenly, the mother stopped answering, of course. When the young father finally got a hold of the mother, she delivered a blow to him that he could not believe.

Their baby had died in childbirth, the young father was devastated.

He rushed to the hospital, where the guards were called on him because he was causing too much of a scene. He was incredibly desperate to find out what had happened since the mother of the child was not telling him much.

He then suddenly received a text from the mother which read that she had the baby.

He was confused and could not understand what was happening. She stopped answering his messages again which led to even more confusion. Soon he found out that the mother had had the child adopted.

Since she had not listened to Brandon as the father, which is why he had no say in the situation.

Since Brandon had not contributed to the mother’s financial needs during the pregnancy, it was not required for the mother to name him or to ask for his consent as to what she did with the child in terms of its adoption.

He took to Facebook to express his pain and grief over the whole situation. He was heartbroken that he never even got to see his daughter.

He wrote, “This killed the joyful person I used to be I try to smile and keep going but I don’t think I’ll ever be the same happy person’s all I think about and see when i close my eyes,I cry every time I talk about it my heart will always be broken I love you Amiya wherever you are.”

But he has not given up instead, he has decided to make sure he wins the custody battle he has to fight in order to get her back.

He said he is willing to do everything he can in order to get custody of his beloved daughter. He said that he will do everything in his power to get his daughter back and is not willing to give up.

“My little heart, you will see how daddy fought and fights for you, with everything I have. I love you with all my heart and long to meet you and hold you. I will never give up baby,” he wrote.



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