A woman found herself in a predicament and turned to the online community for help after an unpleasant incident at home compelled her to take back her nephew’s Christmas present and give it to her son. But the pressing question remains: what prompted her to take such drastic actions?

On November 15, 2020, an anonymous female poster turned to Reddit’s “AITA” forum to share her dilemma. The woman began her story by shedding light on her relationship with her sister. According to the Original Poster, she and her sister had always shared a strained relationship.

OP typically chose to overlook issues and tried her best to maintain a peaceful atmosphere devoid of drama and misunderstandings. Both women had sons of similar ages—OP’s nephew was 13, while her own son had recently turned 11.

To celebrate her son’s birthday, OP purchased the gaming system he had eagerly desired. Upon receiving his favorite gift, the boy was genuinely delighted, and he engaged in continuous play on his new gaming console.

OP’s sister had a history of financial difficulties, which frequently required her to lend her money to pay the bills and fulfill her nephew’s needs. Recognizing that her nephew often didn’t receive top-notch Christmas gifts, OP decided to make a significant gesture that year.

“I went a little crazy and I purchased the same gaming system for [my nephew] for Christmas. I already had it ready and wrapped under my tree,” explained OP.

A day before posting her Reddit account, OP’s sister’s family paid her a visit. When her nephew requested permission to play video games with his cousin, she granted it, reminding the children to practice caution.

But despite her clear instructions, it was only a short time before things took an unexpected turn. Roughly 30 minutes later, her son came rushing to her in tears. Concerned, she inquired about the cause of his distress, and he guided her to the front hall.

As they reached the stairs, OP discovered the devastating scene: the new gaming system lay shattered on the floor. Apparently, someone had thrown it from upstairs, reducing it to pieces.

Upon seeing the wreckage, OP turned to her son and asked him what had happened. “[My son] sobbed and pointed at his cousin. I asked my nephew if he did this and he started to laugh. He said that it was a “stupid baby toy” and that he saw people break them online,” recalled OP.

Soon afterward, OP’s sister entered the scene, and she narrated everything that had come to pass in her absence. She emphasized how costly the gaming system was and insisted that her nephew needed to face the consequences of his actions.

Expressing her frustration, OP communicated her expectation that her sister take responsibility and cover the expenses for the broken item. Despite her definitive stance, OP couldn’t help but question if she was doing the right thing: “AITA for taking back my [nephew’s] Christmas present and giving it to my son.”

OP’s narrative was received well by the online community. Many commenters empathized with her and supported her stance, calling out both her sister and her nephew for their upsetting and questionable behavior.

Several people opined that OP and her son were not to blame for what happened; instead, OP’s sister and her nephew ruined the family’s Christmas celebration. They also criticized her sister’s parenting and condemned her 13-year-old son’s actions.

Others advised OP to be more careful in the future and steer clear of her sister, who could easily turn the whole family against her by playing the victim. Overall, a large majority of Redditors sided with OP and deemed her “NTA.” Let’s take a look at a few more comments:

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you feel OP was right to take back her nephew’s present and give it to her son after everything that happened? What would you do if you were in her place?


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