little person who claims to be “the world’s smallest stripper” is being attacked online for dating a teenager who is 13 years younger and twice her height.

Cassee, 32, revealed that she’s been slammed with hateful comments on her social media for being in a relationship with 19-year-old Blake, an average height man who held his tiny dancer a little too close.

Keep reading to learn why trolls are flooding Cassee’s social media with hate!

Minnesota-born Cassee, known online as Sassee Cassee, was born with cartilage hair hypoplasia, a bone growth disorder characterized by short stature and other skeletal abnormalities.

Standing at 2-foot-10, Cassee is a powerhouse and makes a living as an exotic dancer, additionally leveraging her size to attract fans on her popular OnlyFans account, where she has 254,000 followers.

She writes in her introduction, “You can do a lot by doing little. If you like [little people], then you’ll love me.”

In the summer of 2021, the woman started dating Blake, a 19-year-old almost twice her height, whom she met on Facebook Dating.

Speaking with Truly in a video interview, Cassee explained that her much younger man doesn’t judge her height or her career, which he learned of immediately after they first connected on the dating site.

“I told him, ‘I’m the world’s smallest stripper,’ and Blake’s like, ‘Oh cool. That’s fun,’” Cassee said. “Blake doesn’t seem to care. He’s like, ‘I care about you for you.’”


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