The eye-opening letter came after John’s mom passed away.

Christmas is a time for family, relaxation, and festive joy.

However, for John Dorroh, it also held a mysterious tradition.

Since his childhood, John noticed his mother would leave the house every Christmas Eve for three hours, sparking his curiosity.

Despite his father’s suggestion that she might be doing last-minute shopping, John knew this wasn’t the case.

His mother always completed her holiday shopping well before Thanksgiving.

John’s father casually suggested that perhaps she had forgotten something.

Perhaps that was the truth?

This seemed plausible to John at the time, but the regularity of these three-hour absences every Christmas Eve was puzzling.

Whenever they inquired about her whereabouts, his mother’s vague responses left the mystery unsolved, only to be forgotten amidst the holiday hustle and bustle.

The truth about these mysterious outings remained hidden for years, only coming to light after John’s mother passed away.

It was then that John received a letter from a man named Robert, a former colleague of his mother, revealing the heartwarming secret she had kept for so long.

Robert’s letter to John was touching and explained it all.

In the letter, Robert expressed deep gratitude towards John’s mother, Sue.

He shared that every Christmas Eve, Sue would visit his family dressed as Mrs. Claus.

During these visits, she generously provided gifts for his children, including clothing, toys, and candy.

These gifts were especially meaningful because Robert’s family was unable to afford such items themselves.

The letter continued with heartfelt gratitude.

Robert conveyed how much his family cherished and missed Sue, acknowledging the significant impact she had on their lives during the holiday season.

This revelation finally answered the long-standing mystery of John’s mother’s Christmas Eve disappearances.

John’s mother, Sue Dorroh, had been spending every Christmas Eve bringing joy to a family in need.

She dressed as Mrs. Claus and delivered gifts to Robert’s children, providing a festive experience they otherwise couldn’t afford.

Her acts of kindness were done quietly, without seeking recognition or praise.

Sue’s selfless actions were driven purely by the joy she brought to others, never seeking acknowledgment for her generosity.

Her satisfaction came solely from the happiness she could bring to children’s faces.

John decided to share his mother’s act of kindness in a short story.

It’s titled “Mom’s Secret Mission,” which was published in the book “Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Joy of Christmas.”

This act of sharing his mother’s legacy allowed her spirit of giving to continue inspiring others.

Sue Dorroh’s story is a beautiful reminder of the true spirit of Christmas.

It’s about selfless giving and bringing joy to others, a lesson that can inspire us all to create our own heartwarming holiday traditions.

Check out the video below to hear John share this beautiful story!

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