Ten major retail stores, including Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Nordstrom, and Home Depot are making a notable shift in the way they connect with their customers this season by replacing the generic “Happy Holidays” with the traditional greeting “Merry Christmas.”

As per reports, these major stores are making a deliberate and synchronized effort to shift towards “Merry Christmas.”

Even some unconventional stores like Bass Pro Shops, known for its firearm sales, are promoting the Christmas celebrations.

This effort has been praised from groups like the American Family Association, as well as the public.

The goal of these retail stores to unify in promoting the once traditional greeting is to embrace the tradition during the holiday season.

As the impact of the joyous “Merry Christmas” greeting gets acknowledged all over the country, there is a feeling of unity among the people and that makes the holiday spirit even stronger.

No matter where you shop this season, make sure you greet everyone with the phrase “Merry Christmas” and spread the Christmas cheer.

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