A woman kicked her husband and teenage son out of the house after being sick of their irresponsibility. She wondered whether she made the right decision.

A mother’s love overflows, especially for their family. Yet when it is constantly taken advantage of, even the most loving hearts can grow tired.

For one mother, she made a decision to cut her husband and teenage son off after having enough of their antics. She took to Reddit to ask whether her decision to kick them out of the house was right.

A woman had constantly begged her husband to help her with the many chores around the house. Unfortunately, no matter how much she asked, he always did the bare minimum.

For the mom, her teenage son, Tim, took after her husband. He not only refused to do chores, but he expected his sister, Rachel, to look after him and clean up his messes.

“Hubby is enabling him and secretly overrules me when I punish Tim,” she explained. They’ve had far too many arguments about their laziness but it never led to any change.

A couple of days before Christmas, the woman went shopping with her daughter Rachel. During the trip, she met a co-worker and her boyfriend and decided to invite them to their home.

The woman called her husband to say he and Tim needed to clean the house because guests would be coming. Almost two hours later, they came home to a messy house.

“I never felt so embarrassed in my life,” the woman admitted. Her friend smiled and shrugged it off, but the woman was able to see the looks her friend gave her boyfriend.

Their chat only lasted 20 minutes because she spent some time cleaning the living room. When they left, the woman was livid.

She kicked her husband and teenage son out of the house and told them not to come back until they learned to respect her and help out around the house. They argued back and forth about her decision, yet her husband and son gave up and left.

Her husband and son ended up in a motel. After a while, Tim called her and begged for her to take him back. Initially, she told him to call back in 2024 and that she’d consider it.

The woman banned them from the house for Christmas and New Year’s because she’d be having family over. After that, she was certain she’d take Tim back. As for her husband, that was another story.

The woman’s family was against her decision to kick out her husband and son. They felt she was being too harsh, although the woman insisted she meant it to be a wake-up call.

Ultimately, the woman decided her son Tim could come home for Christmas. He called her again, begging her to take him. She thoroughly explained her side and asked him to change.

Before heading home, her son agreed to sign a paper with all his chores listed. He also agreed to help his sister with her chores until New Year’s Eve.

After their agreement, the woman picked her son up in the early morning. He couldn’t wait to come home, and she had another lengthy discussion with him about why she had to kick them out.

“He signed the paper and promised to do better from now on. I am happy to have him back,” the mom revealed. As for her husband, she has not decided on whether or not she wants him back.

He tried to talk to her when she picked Tim up, but she refused to listen. She wanted her husband to stay away for a while as she reflected on their relationship.

People on Reddit assured the mom that she was not a bad person in this situation. “It is so unfair to your daughter as well as to you. Teaching a boy that a girl needs to wait on him is a horrible thing to do and I believe society pays a price for this attitude. The disrespect is unacceptable,” one person said.

“I get why you are done with talking after trying so hard and now you have to take consequences. If you also run out of love for your husband, I wouldn’t wonder about it,” another echoed.

Was the woman right to kick her son and husband out of the house for Christmas? What would you have done if you were in her place?

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