Ending a marriage can be very tricky, especially when one partner cheats and has a child with the woman involved in the extramarital affair.

Things became even more complicated for one Redditor who says that without warning, her ex-husband dumped at her door his three-year-old son, who was conceived while married to her, with another woman.

Surprised when the tot landed on her doorstep, the woman then did something that shocked her ex, whom she hadn’t spoken with since 2020. And now he’s calling her an a****** for making him miss the birth of his second child.

A recent post on the ‘Am I the A******?’ subreddit details an incident between a 32-year-old woman and her ex-husband, Dan, whom she was married for six years.

In 2020, while much of the world was in lockdown to contain the spread of Covid, Dan, 35, was slipping out of the home he shared with the original poster (OP), and into the home of his lover, Kate.

That same year the author learned her husband was a cheater, she also found out that Dan and Kate were having a baby, who was conceived during the pandemic.

“I was under high risk and their entire affair has cost me some of my physical health, not just mental one,” the poster shares. “After the divorce Dan moved out from my house and we haven’t spoken since.”

Living separate lives with no contact – she blocked his number – the OP explains that the week before she posted the story on Reddit, that Dan suddenly appeared at her door, his toddler in tow, without “any warning or explanation.”

“He only mumbled that Kate was giving birth to their second child and needs him in the delivery room due to complications. He left before I could protest, and I have tried texting and calling him multiple times and have received no reply. I do not know why he thought it is a good idea as I had plans, and they definitely don’t involve someone else’s child.”

The OP clarifies she unblocked his number, hoping he would respond to her pleas.

When he failed to return her calls or messages, the author then reached out to the police.

“I explained it is not my child and I haven’t agreed to look after him and his dad is not responding. They took the child…”

The next morning, the OP got a call from the ex, who started blasting her for not caring for his son.

The woman shares that cops found the father in the hospital, in the delivery room where his partner was birthing their second child, and forced him into caring for his first born.

“My ex called me an a******, he missed the birth of his second and Kate had some complications, so she is in intensive care. He also started shouting saying that his and Kate’s parents are living at the opposite ends of the country and have medical conditions which mean they can’t look after his son.”

With nine months to prepare for the proper care of the boy, the woman attacked back, saying, “I have told him that he should have used his brain cells and thought about it in advance instead of dumping the product of his affair at my house, knowing that me and him are not civil, but was called even bigger a******.”

Begging for advice from Redditors, the woman asks, “Am I the A****** for calling police on my ex for abandoning his child at mine while his girlfriend was giving birth?”

Online users eagerly offered their opinions on the avoidable situation, many wondering why she was their only option.

“[Dan and Kate] had a good eight months to figure this out. Don’t either of these mental giants have friends?” the user continues, “Their best option was to drop the boy off at a stranger’s home, expecting the stranger to just accept the situation?”

A second netizen shares, “Do [Dan and Kate] have no friends at all who could do some semi-predictable emergency babysitting? Or did they exhaust everyone’s willingness with previous bull**** already? If he had no other choice, he could have paid for a sitter to avoid all this.”

A third writes, “You haven’t spoken to this man in three years, and he suddenly turns up expecting you to look after the child he had with his affair partner? This is absolutely bonkers.”

Meanwhile, others cybernauts commiserate with the woman, who admits she suffered mental and physical pain after the affair.

“…to see a cute 3yo [is] the proof that her ex cheated on her. Not saying it was the kid’s fault, but it is very human to associate him with that pain.” The comment continues, “And she didn’t agree to this and had no time to prepare herself…Ex and Kate, on the other hand had months of knowing they were pregnant to figure out a better plan.”

Another Redditor writes, “Like rubbing salt in her wound. She says her mental and physical health was affected by cheater and now he drops off his kid with OP.”


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