Several social media users shared their Holiday disaster stories on Reddit and Twitter, bringing awareness that Christmas is not always fun when accidents happen.

For many, Christmas is the happiest day of the year, bringing joy, festivities, and togetherness as families and friends celebrate a special occasion.

However, misfortunes and unforeseen events do not close for the holidays, or keep to office hours. Here are ten social media users that came forward with their Christmas disaster stories, and how they handled the situation.

A Reddit user didn’t think a slight kick would end up with her on a hospital bed, but unfortunately, it did. On Christmas Eve, the person kicked their toe on a tricycle under the tree, thinking nothing much of the action.

Sadly, she woke up in pain and ended up having cellulitis and landing in the hospital, since she kicked her toe so hard it split. The user had to be admitted on Christmas Day and only went home after New Year’s. However, they found the silver lining in the situation. The person said, “It was the year all our awful relatives were visiting, so no great loss here.”

A Cooking Disaster

It is almost inevitable to separate the holidays from coming together to enjoy a delicious meal. For one Reddit user, this dish was an oven-roasted turkey.

While the dinner was nothing less of a great meal, it came at the person’s expense. As the Reddit user took the turkey out of the rack, their forearm got burnt, leaving a scar.

A Venezuelan Christmas

While Christmas usually means winter season for some, for others, it means heat. One Reddit user shared how hot it was on Christmas Eve at their place. To make matters worse, people nearby lit a dumpster near their apartment.

They closed the windows to stop heat from entering, making the residence hotter and trapping mosquitos inside. “To prevent getting stung, we cover ourselves making the heat even worse,” the person added.

Granny at a Christmas Party

A Twitter user couldn’t help but share what her grandmother experienced during the Yuletide season. At her office Christmas party, the woman’s granny danced herself into a tree and fell. To make things worse, she took the tree with her.

A Mashed Potato Failure

Admittedly, this Reddit user was no chef but had some cooking experience. During their Christmas Eve dinner with over 60 guests, they decided to serve mashed potatoes.

Despite using instant mashed potatoes, the person still forgot to add a main ingredient, milk. “I served 60 people mashed potato concrete,” the person shared. “Nobody said a word.”

Late to the Party

Often, when late, people try to sneak in the back quietly to avoid attention. This was precisely what a woman and her boyfriend did during his company’s Christmas party. The couple arrived while the CEO was giving his speech, and they decided to enter the venue using the back door.

However, the woman tripped over a sign, knocked it over, and drew the crowd’s attention. Everyone turned around to see what commotion she caused. So much for trying to sneak in!

Fashionable at Christmas Party

Nothing screams Christmas like an ugly Christmas sweater that a woman wore during her office party. Wanting to look festive, she also wore red plaid slacks and reindeer earrings. However, all her workmates decided to go in their suits for work.

As it turned out, dressing for the holidays meant throwing in a red tie or snowflake jewelry. Undoubtedly, the person stood out of the crowd. However, she embraced how different she looked and became extra cheerful.

A Drunk Christmas

This social media user’s dad had always been the type to enjoy one too many drinks. On Christmas Eve, the mom told her husband not to drink as her side of the family would come over. However, he did not fulfill her request. Before her side of the family arrived, the woman’s husband was already buzzed.

To make matters worse, he fell and broke a few gifts while helping their guests into the home. Things worsened when he knocked over food on the floor. The evening ended with the woman’s husband passing out in a room while the rest of the family tried to enjoy what was left of the celebration.

Sick on Christmas

Despite her children being sick the week before, a woman still invited guests over for Christmas Eve. As a result, the woman’s sister slept in between the kids and caught their vomit with a bucket every time they threw up.

A Car Accident for Christmas

Christmas Eve is often spent at home with family, but this person recalled spending it at the hospital. While driving a car with their mom and grandmother, the trio met an accident that made their car flip.

The mom was injured with a broken leg, while the grandmother hurt her back. “I remember opening presents in my hospital bed,” the Reddit user said. Fortunately, the Christmas miracle was that they were fine when things could have ended much worse.

These stories reveal that even during the holiday season, unexpected challenges can arise, making the joyous occasion a mix of good and bad experiences. In a similar story, a family experienced a disastrous Christmas after a man kicked his entire family out an hour after Christmas Eve.


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