Helen Mirren just debuted a shocking new hairstyle at 77 years old… I honestly can’t believe it!

Oscar winning actress Helen Mirren attended Jeanne du Barry premiere during Cannes Film Festival opening night and stunned everyone with her new looks.

Once again, the 77-year-old actress, who has given the world of film so much over the years, showed her unique sense of style when she decided to dye her hair blue for the occassion.

The color of her hair, which is usually grey as she embraces her natural looks, matched her outfit, a gorgeous gown designed by Daniel Del Core.

Mirren swept her newly dyed locks high into a Marie Antoinette style Pouf. She did this to match the movie’s French historic theme. The Queen star accessorized her outfit with a silver choker and a fan that had “#WorthIt” written on it, a nod to her role as a L’Oreal ambassador.

Many agree that the actress managed to outdo herself once again with her splendid and glamorous looks that made her appear as though she came right out of a fairytale.

Mirren’s stylist, Lee Harris, who shared a photo of the actress’ new look, wrote, “She knows how to make an entrance,” and we can’t agree more.

Back in 2019, Mirren attracted attention when she appeared with her hair pinkish.

Last year, again for the Cannes Film Festival, she donned extra-long white hair extensions and heavy eyeliner for a screening of the movie Mother And Son (Un Petit Frere).

Back then, she opted for a beaded silver gown and danced alongside actor Andie MacDowell.

In 2021, the actress told Vogue that going gray wasn’t a difficult transition for her. I have to say it was very easy for me because my hair was always blonde. I was a natural blonde and although it was quite dark at times, in the summertime when I’d spent time in the sun, it would basically go white,” she said. “So the process of me losing the color of my hair was very easy—it just looked more and more as if I had been in the sun, but year-round.”

One thing is certain, Mirren does follow the fashion trends and always looks spectacular.



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