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Passing down family heirloom from one generation to another isn’t just a tradition but a promise that one is never willing to break.

A woman shared a story of how this beautiful tradition turned ugly because of her new husband’s demand.

Asking whether she was right or wrong, she turned to Reddit and explained that there was this precious piece of jewelry, a green emerald necklace, that has been passed down to the eldest child of the family on their fourteenth birthday. This tradition existed for many years.

The 35-year-old woman further added that her daughter Emily would be turning 14 in January 2024, and that she has been planing to give the necklace to her, as she always wanted.

However, some two years ago, OP tied the knot to her husband Joey, who also has a daughter, Sophia, who’s around the same age as Emily.

One day, while discussing Christmas gifts, Joey mentioned something that made OP’s blood boil. He suggested that she give the necklace to Sophia and that it would mean a lot to his daughter because it would show that OP truly accepts Sophia as her own daughter.

The woman explained that Emily knew of the tradition and that she was already looking forward to the necklace, but Joey insisted.

What’s most, he called her self-centered and told her that if her daughter really wanted a necklace she could simply order one on Amazon for her.

Despite his constant insisting, OP said she won’t be giving the necklace to Sophia, but her husband got mad and gave her the silent treatment. He even shared what happened with his mother and sister who supported him and told him his wife was selfish and biased.

The woman asked fellow Redditors to give her advice, and as expected, most of them were in her favor.

“You’re not favoring one kid over another. Emily is your kid and the necklace is hers. Your [stepdaughter] is not entitled to anything. I would have told him that his daughter can get the knockoff from Amazon if it’s that important to him,” one user wrote.

They then added: “That being said, you need to put the necklace in a safe place like a box in the bank or something because trust me, as soon as Emily has it, it’s going to ‘disappear’ or be broken by ‘accident.’”

“It needs to be locked up in a safe place so that neither your [stepdaughter] nor your husband can get their hands on it. I would sit down with Emily and explain why you are doing so and that while you consider it hers, it’s best to keep it safe,” another person wrote.

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