Kids say the darndest things. Sometimes they provide a good laugh while other times they make you want to crawl into a hole.

A Redditor recently experienced a situation where their outspoken six-year-old had her questioning, “Am I the a**hole?”

The 26-year-old explained she and her child, who has ADHD, were at a funeral when her son made a comment that many interpreted to be rude.

“We recently attended a furneral [sic] and we all started singing. After the song’s were sung and everyone was silent,” she wrote. “My son turned to me and said ‘it’s a good thing she’s dead and she doesn’t have to hear all that awful singing!’”

“I wanted to sink into my chair when people turned to gave us dirty looks.”

It wasn’t until later that the woman’s grand aunt approached her and suggested she punish her child for his behavior.

However, the redditor said while she and her son did apologize, she was not going to punish her child.

“I did apologize and made him apologize too, but said I’m not going to punish him for telling the truth, you all sounded like how a cat sounds when it’s tail gets stepped on!”

“She got mad and said I can see where he gets his disrespecting behavior from!”

The mother is now worried because she believes her aunt “went around stirring the pot” because there has been talk of her and her son not being invited to future events.

Is the mother of the child in the wrong for not punishing her child or at the very least explaining to her son why it was wrong for making that comment?


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