We’ve all seen photos surface online that have made us stop and double-take. Optical illusions, examples of eye-catching wedding cakes or woodwork sculptures, maybe even images that seem too incredible to be real.

The rise of the internet – and social media, for that matter – means that pictures and videos can now be shared worldwide by anyone at virtually the click of a button.

It means that whenever something proves popular for one reason or another, it can spread very fast. One beachgoer in Mexico learned this when she posted a perplexing video she’d taken of what looks at first glance to be a mystery creature in the sand.

As per reports, the woman who took the video in question, Brend Glez, was enjoying a day at a beach in Mexico when she had a heart-stopping moment.

Mere yards away, something dark, wet and hairy seemed to be staring right at her, propped up on crooked arms that gave it an alien-like quality.

Needles to say, the video below is enough to prompt anyone to run through the possibilities. It was certainly enough for Brend.

She uploaded his clip to TikTok, where we can only imagine a lot of people were reeled in by sheer curiosity. At the time of writing it has almost 30 million views!

Despite the eerie look of the creature that was the subject of the Brend’s video, it turned out to be nothing worth worrying about. The unknown animal digging its way through the sand was, in fact…

Credit / TikTok – lost_ptyer

A dog!

We know, right, way to scare the heck out of us!

In any case, it looks like this pooch was having a whale of a time during his day at the beach. What’s more, he has absolutely no idea that he went viral!

Did you guess right away that it was a dog? Let us know in the comments box.


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