Bullying is a problem that can be fatal. This story is one of the instances where bullying became fatal not just for one person but two. Keep reading to know what transpired and has shocked people the world over.

A father in London, England, has experienced something that most would describe as their worst nightmare. After his 14-year-old daughter was subjected to bullying, she took her own life, and shortly thereafter, his wife also passed away, described as having a “broken heart.”

14-year-old Mia Janin was found dead in the family home in 2021. She had been a victim of online bullying for a prolonged period, including being added to a Snapchat group chat where she was demeaned by several boys, according to the British Mirror. Before her death, she had reportedly asked her parents, Mariano and Marisa, to be homeschooled instead of attending school.

However her family had no idea how severe the bullying had become. She left behind two handwritten letters—one to her best friend and another to her parents before she took her own life.

“I just wanted to let you know I do love you guys very much. I have been brought up well by both of you. I have learned many things, I love all of you very much. However, I know this decision is the right one for me. On earth, I never felt connected. I felt a longing to leave for a while. I know this is a shock to you,” she wrote to her family, according to the Mirror.

Just a few months after the girl’s death, her mother also passed away. This happened after she, in connection with a brain blood vessel aneurysm, learned that she had leukemia.


The pain of losing both his daughter and wife within four months has undoubtedly been devastating for Mariano. He believes that the real reason for Marisa’s death is her grief over their daughter Mia.

“Nothing will bring back my wife and my daughter. My daughter experienced prolonged and sustained bullying in person and online. In a way, it is a relief this has now been recognized. However, there needs to be accountability. Another family cannot live the way I have lived,” he said after the investigation at the Barnet Coroner’s Court in London, according to the Mirror.


“I will try to carry on. I will try to help some people who are trying to change the law in order to protect our kids. I think we need to do a lot of things… I think we need to put some limits on kids’ access to the internet and how we can recollect the data if something like this happens again. We have a big challenge ahead,” heartbroken Mariano said.


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