Sometimes we might not have the best neighbors. Infact, our relationship with our neighbors might be terrible. However, this situation was very interesting. Something no one would have expected happened. Keep reading to learn more aout this story…

In the middle of the night, the doorbell rang at the home of a man and his family in Chicago, USA. Outside, stood a very angry older woman, who lived next door to them.

“When I opened the door, she started yelling aggressively; it’s not acceptable,” the man shared. It turned out that the neighbor was upset about the man’s garden lights, claiming that she couldn’t sleep because of them. However, the man argued that they couldn’t possibly disturb the woman as they hung too low to shine into her place.

The man became upset with the woman aswell seeing as she had rung his bell in the middle of the night and caused a disturbance for him and his family. Therefore, he decided to call the police. The police arrived, and they soon determined that the man’s lighting was not a problem for the woman in any way.


It also emerged that the elderly woman had complained about various things for seven years and often rang in the middle of the night.

Some time after the police visit, the woman rang again during the evening. But this time, the man decided to respond to her with great kindness. Once again, she asked the man to turn off the lights, which he agreed to. The woman’s attitude changed immedaitely when she saw that he was being kind.


The man understood that the woman must be lonely, so he took the opportunity to invite her to dinner one day. The woman lit up and said that she loves having him as her neighbor. It seems, all she really wanted was just some company.

A video of their interaction went viral where it showed that being kind to your neighbor can go a long way! The video of their interaction is below! Check them out:


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