A man was left heartbroken after finding out his deceased wife was unfaithful to him only days before their wedding. He found out through a letter that she wrote him, which he decided to read months after she’d passed away.

The man poured out his feelings on Reddit, given he had no one to talk to about his situation. He could no longer confront his wife about what’d happened, even if he wanted to.

The man loved his wife dearly. She passed away ten months before he opened up his story on Reddit, the same time he read the letter she wrote to him before she died.

Initially, he couldn’t read the letter earlier because he was still grieving. The pain was still too much for him to bear until, one day, he decided it was finally time.

The Letter Wasn’t What He Was Expecting

To his surprise, the letter was nothing he was expecting. Rather than talk about her hopes and expectations, she apologized for something that had happened four years prior.

The woman confessed that there was a chance their four-year-old son wasn’t his. She couldn’t say it straight to his face when she was still alive and decided to come clean through a letter.

She realized there was a chance their son wasn’t his because of a drunken one-night stand she had with a stranger at her bachelorette party. She fell pregnant soon after, and she wasn’t sure who the dad was because it happened only a couple of days before their wedding.

The man was in disbelief. He couldn’t believe how she decided to come clean at a time when their son had nobody else in his life but his dad, who might not even be his dad.

Initially, the man thought about not having a paternity test and just letting things be. However, a part of him just needed to know.

After the paternity test, he was absolutely gutted. The son he’d been raising wasn’t his.

While he discovered the truth, it didn’t change the way he saw his son. “He’s my whole world, and he’s innocent,” the man explained.

The Man Felt So Betrayed By His Wife

However, despite the love he feels for his son, he can’t help but admit how much it hurts to find out the love of his life once betrayed him. He cried for an entire day and was relieved his son wasn’t home to see him in such a sorry state.


The man had been sober for eight months and wanted to keep it that way for his sake and his son’s. In order not to go back to his old ways, he decided to pour his whole heart out on Reddit.

People on the internet made sure to give the man the support he needed. They showered him with words of kindness and affirmation.

” I am so so incredibly sorry. I have an idea how much this hurts. Sending a hug, if it is welcome. Ps.: All your feelings are valid. A lot of people will react with some kind of toxic positivity to things like these,” one wrote.

The man responded to thank the internet user, revealing he took a drive to get away. “Drove out to the beach of all places and just stared out from the parking lot. You’re right. The drive was therapeutic,” he shared.

Others commended the man for refusing to drink his heartbreak away. “You are a Superman and he is such a lucky, lucky boy to have you,” one added.

The man’s situation changed the way he viewed his wife forever. If you were in his shoes, what would you have done with the newfound information you just received?


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